[what]    Our group classes are designed for our intermediate to advanced community, with fitness as the underlying goal. Designed to promote and enhance your health and fitness, our CrossFit Group Classes are programmed to build a solid foundation of strength, aerobic capacity, and skill. While focusing on proper mechanics and movement quality over intensity, our coaches work with you at your level and lead you through workouts that are scalable yet can be made as challenging as necessary based on the individual. Our Group classes also include a greater degree of intensity and complexity with gymnastics, Olympic lifting, sprinting, plyometrics, etc. programmed regularly.


[structure]     Group Classes = Flexible

Our CrossFit Group Classes are offered all day, running one hour in length. No matter which class hour you register for, each class is lead from beginning to end by your coach. You choose your commitment level and show up to class. Your coach leads you through your class hour and training.


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[requirements]     For new members we require at-least 6 months of consistent CrossFit training at another affiliate to forgo the Prep Course and jump right into group classes. We also expect a good grasp of the Olympic movements (snatch, clean and jerk),  strength movements (press, deadlift, squat),  as well as intermediate gymnastics skills (kipping pull-ups, ring skills, handstands).

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