HYROX || Coming soon to CFA!

We are now an official Hyrox Affiliate! We are working out the details of classes and programming, so hang tight on that front for a bit. We are just excited to give you an idea of whats to come!

What is HYROX? HYROX is know as “The Fitness Competition For Every Body”. It is essentially a distance running race combined with 8 movements/workouts with which we are all relatively familiar. The race begins with a 1000m run to Station 1) 1000m Ski Erg, then 1000m run to Station 2) 50m Sled Push, 1000m run to the subsequent Stations: 50m Sled Pull, 80m Burpee Broad Jumps, 1000m Row, 200m Farmers Carry, 100m Sangbag Lunge, 100 Wall Balls. In total, you accumulate 8K running across the entire race. It will test your engine and capacity. If you like doing Murph…this is likely right up your alley! If you Murph is daunting and you usually split it with a team/partner….there is a Doubles division!

What does it mean that CFA is a HYROX Affiliate?
As an affiliate, it means that we are licensed to use the name and offer classes and programming geared towards racing HYROX! Coach Tim is completing his HYROX Certified Trainer Certification, and other coaches leading these classes will be HYROX Affiliate Coach Certified!  Many of our CFA fam are participating in Marathons, 10K/5K races currently or have been for quite some time. Similar to having the CrossFit Open and Night of Champions (among all the other competitions that many of you participate) or having Austin Weightlifting classes to improve barbell technique and/or help us compete on the platform, our “Engine” focused classes will prepare us more specifically for longer duration workouts which require less technical prowess with barbells/gymnastics and improve running technique. Oh…and we get discount codes for all CFA members looking to sign up for a race!!!

When/Where are HYROX races?
There are races all over the world, mostly in big destination locations. There are are multiple opportunities to prepare for a race in Texas. If you read the “Save the Date” post on Instagram, you probably noticed the HYROX in Dallas on 11/17. We’ll be working with HYROX HQ to get another race in Austin hopefully next year! In the meantime, as we develop this offering with @hyroxtexas….we’ll be able to bring variations of the race to OUR HOUSE and host some smaller events to have some fun and get a taste of HYROX!