Livestrong Fundraiser

Coming Saturday July 2, 2011…

Colleen: My story

Plain and simple cancer has affected my life in the last 9 years in a way that I think no family could ever anticipate or imagine. First, my 15 year old brother was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma on Dec. 12, 2002. He graduated from the University of Georgia in December 2010. My grandfather was diagnosed in 2003 with liver cancer and fought hard but from complications passed in October of 2004. In June of 2006, I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, early stage 1b and had a 6 month battle.  Now, my own father is fighting prostate cancer at home in Georgia. Like I said, it’s not a story one would ever imagine. The positive is we have seen many miracles, and my brother’s diagnosis started me down a new career path of combining sport with fundraising. I mentioned to Wes in an email that this June would be my 5 year cancer-versary. That’s a big milestone, and immediately as this CrossFit family is so supportive and great, Wes offered to do a WOD/event to commemorate that. You may know me as the girl that always has LIVESTRONG gear on when I work out, and yes I do work there but it has also become a way of life for me.

The Event

On July 2, I want to celebrate 5 years by doing a kick ass WOD with my CrossFit family. Any donation will get you into the WOD, simply go here to make a tax deductible donation to LIVESTRONG. With a $20 donation, you will get a LIVESTRONG shirt to sport as you take on the cancer kickin’ WOD. See you there!

CrossFit Austin is excited to host this event, and is looking forward to celebrating kicking cancer’s butt with Colleen!!  Mark your calendars, make your donations, and sign up for a time slot to participate in the WOD!

Announcement:  The supply of LIVESTRONG shirts is limited and there is no longer a guarantee that you will receive one with a $20 donation.  We apologize for the inconvenience.