Looking inward || What can your blood tell you?

So, you’re eating everything the way you think you should. Counting macros, cutting out sugars, making sure to avoid those extra treats at the office. You’re doing your best to get enough sleep, drinking lots of water every day, and making sure to exercise at least a few times a week. Everything seems to be on track, but you’re still exhausted all the time and not seeing results with the fat loss goal you set for yourself a few months ago…

Sound familiar? That is just ONE example, but I’m sure if we made that a fill in the blank paragraph where you could write in your specifics that it would probably resonate with a lot of you.

Well, our coaching staff recently had an opportunity to dig a little deeper into their individual make ups and understand how even though someone may look like they’re doing everything perfectly on the outside, you sometimes have to take a deeper look on the inside to truly make the right choices and progress toward your goals in the way that’s right for YOU.

Image result for bloodWe had the opportunity to do full blood panels with Impact Health Labs. They came to the gym on a Friday morning and took 2 vials of blood from each of us. It was quick, easy, and painless. After the blood draw, they took everyone’s samples off to the lab. We received an email within a week that contained a PDF of our results. I did have a decent understanding of what was on the panels, but I was left with several questions after looking over my results.

Well, guess what? Impact has a lab specialist that you’ll schedule an individual phone consultation with after you receive your results. The specialist will spend 60-90 minutes with you, going over your results in detail to explain what it all means. We all did the full 6 panel run which allowed us to look at Steroid Hormones, Heart/Liver/Kidneys, Diabetes, Thyroid hormones, Protein Binding Hormones, and Vitamins & Minerals. (See below for more in depth info on that) I learned how one thing can effect 4 other things and throw off everything you’re working on! I also learned I need to chill the eff out (Cortisol THROUGH THE ROOF). I’m happy to share my experience in more detail with anyone that wants to know, but it’s a lot to type so I’ll spare those who don’t want to read that much 😉

Basically, I learned so much about myself. I learned WHY I’m struggling with certain things and even got some really amazing recommendations on how to fix it. The lab specialist really takes the time to not only make sure you understand, but answers your questions thoroughly and talks you through several options to correct what’s going on. I finished the call with a new understanding of my body and a positive outlook for working toward a more productive process for myself.

We are excited to be able to bring this experience to all of you. We’ve schedule a test date for Saturday, Feb. 9 at the gym. Like I said, I’m happy to chat with anyone about my experience and results if you’re interested. Otherwise, take a look at the details below and hit us up if you have questions. We’ll be putting a sign up sheet in the gym shortly. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to explore your own make up!

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What panels are available?
You can choose to do one panel or all 6. The benefit of doing all 6 is that sometimes one panel’s results may be causing imbalances in another panel. You’ll have a better understanding of how it all works together with all 6 panels, but you absolutely have the choice of just doing one or two.

The Panels Included are:

Fitness Upgrade-16 Hormones

Steroid Hormones (blood, serum) –
Pregnenolone, Cortisol, Progesterone, DHEA,
Androstenedione, Testosterone, DHT, Estrone (E1),
Estradiol (E2), Estriol (E3), 25-Hydroxyvitamin D2,
25-Hydroxyvitamin D3, 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Total,
1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D2, 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3
and 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D Total

Heart – Liver – Kidney Panel
Heart – Cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL and HDL
Liver – TP, Albumin, ALT, ALP, AST, LDH,
Bilirubin Direct and Bilirubin Total
Kidney – Blood Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine and BUN/Creatinine Ratio

Diabetes (Pre/Monitoring) Panel
A1C, Blood Glucose, Insulin and Vitamin B12

Thyroid Hormone Panel
TSH, Total T4, Free T4, Total T3, Free T3

Protein Binding Hormone Panel
PTH, SHBG, PSA (male only) or FSH (female only),
Albumin (free Testosterone, only if 16 hormone test is purchased along with this panel)

Minerals and Vitamins Panel
Calcium, Bicarbonate (CO2), Chloride (Cl), Sodium
(Na), Potassium (K), Iron (Fe), Magnesium (Mg), Uric Acid and Vitamin B12

Once you’ve received your results, you’ll have a 60-90 minute phone consultation with an expert to go over the findings and get personal recommendations to move forward.

What does it cost and when is this happening?

Each individual panel is $65 or if you do all 6 it is $300 (savings of $90) That is hugely discounted from the labs that most practitioners use.

We have also partnered with Impact to offer a special deal for those who choose to do all 6. If you do the $300 package, you’ll receive a $50 credit to use at CFA for merchandise, PT sessions, or massage sessions!

They do accept all major credit cards and HSA cards, but they do not deal with insurance.

Impact Health Labs will be with us on Saturday, February 9th

What do I need to do to prepare?
To have a valid test you must fast for a minimum of 12 hours (water is ok), but no food, coffee/caffeine/snacks/gum.. Nada for 12 hours. The longer the better so if you choose to fast for longer that’s great too.

The tests also must be done BEFORE working out. We’ve scheduled the test early on a Saturday so that you can come in, do the blood draw, and then hop into class right after if you want!

Make sure you drink plenty of water during the 24 hours (and always, because hydration is important) leading up to your appointment. Being well hydrated is imperative to proper testing.

Gals, you need to know where you are in your cycle. Knowing what day you are on will help them read the hormone panels correctly.

Otherwise, show up the morning of your appointment and do your thing!

How do I sign up?
There will be a physical sign up sheet in the gym where you can put your name down for a time block. The whole process takes about 10 minutes so you can show up, do the blood draw and then get on with the rest of your day!

We really hope you guys will consider taking this opportunity to learn more about your health. I guarantee if you’ve never had a full comprehensive panel like this done, it will really open your eyes. It’s not ALL about your fitness goals either.. You may learn something that pertains to another area of your life.

Hope you’ll join us!