Mark Sisson’s Primal Accelerated Success Seminar (PASS) is coming to CrossFit Austin!

Last few days to register! Register HERE


The Primal Accelerated Success Seminar (PASS) is an entertaining and interactive 7-hour course that will immerse you into Mark Sisson’s wildly popular Primal lifestyle movement and best-selling book, The Primal Blueprint. By the end of your PASS experience, you’ll have a clear understanding of the key Primal Blueprint concepts, and develop a specific plan of action to “get Primal” over the ensuing 30 days and beyond. The course material stands alone for those who are relatively unacquainted with Primal living, but reading the book in advance will enhance your seminar experience.

Location: CrossFit Austin, 8708 South Congress, Suite A180, Austin, TX 78745, (806) 679-7519

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time: 9am-4pm (Registration begins at 8:15am.)

Discounts: PASS fee is $149. Register here. Discounts for couples registering together ($20 off) and groups of 10+. Email for details.

Attendee Information: Special needs will be accommodated as best possible, email for details. Event day registration may be possible, email to inquire. Advanced certifications for fitness professionals will be offered later in 2011, with the pre-requisite of completing the PASS.

Important: Please bring ID to registration to verify ticket purchase. No ticket needed for entry. Upon registration you will receive your Participant Registration Kit.

Participant Registration Kit:

1. Success Binder: 140-page notebook with weekly action items and journal exercises to help focus your Primal goals over the ensuing 30 days.

2. How to Forage in the Modern World – Convenient 60-page guidebook with lists and strategies to shop and cook primally.

3. $20 Gift Certificate for Primal Blueprint products


Mark Sisson (bio): The founder of the Primal Blueprint movement and publisher of will conduct a limited number of PASS events for larger groups.

PASS Agenda:

Morning Session: Primal Blueprint Key Concepts. Detailed scientific explanation and practical discussion of the how’s and why’s of Primal living, and how they contrast sharply with Conventional Wisdom about diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. Understanding the key concepts will help you build a solid foundation for your transition to a Primal lifestyle. Advanced Primal enthusiasts will appreciate how the discussion picks up where the book left off!

Break: A ten-minute morning break will be provided with beverages and snacks available.

Q&A: The delivery of the presentation material will be balanced with audience engagement at regular intervals. We want to make sure you “own” each of these concepts and have a complete understanding of how they apply to your health and fitness goals.

Lunch: Enjoy 45-minute of free time, and the opportunity to complete your first assignment of eating a Primal lunch!

Afternoon: Primal Accelerated Success Action Plan. Armed with the knowledge presented in the morning, you’ll develop a step-by-step action plan to transition to a Primal-lifestyle over the next 30 days. You’ll learn how to clean out your fridge and pantry and surround yourself with Primal foods. You’ll commit to a 14-day test period of Primal eating and evaluate the impact on your energy level, appetite, immune function, body composition, and overall sense of health and well being. You’ll learn how to restructure your workouts away from a chronic approach to model the Primal Blueprint Fitness principles. You’ll engage in a hands-on demonstration/fitness evaluation involving the Five Essential Movements – a simple, safe, total-body workout program for all fitness levels. You’ll develop a customized plan to optimize your sun exposure, sleep habits, and play time, and more!

Break: A ten-minute afternoon break will be provided with beverages and snacks available.

Small Group Discussion: Leverage the presentation material with additional brainstorming and insights from your new Primal buddies. Time to crystallize your goals and put pen to paper with specific commitments and To-Do List items.