Tim Garland

Tim Garland || Owner

About Tim:  Tim came to CrossFit Austin with 10+ years experience in the health fitness industry. He began his formal education at the University of Oklahoma, where he studied Health and Sport Sciences and was a member of the Sports Medicine team (football). During his time in Oklahoma, he also played for OU’s Rugby Club before transferring to Texas State University to complete his degree requirements. He walked the stage in 2009 with a BS in Exercise and Sport Sciences from the Health and Human Performance Department at Texas State, and currently holds the American College of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level One (CF-L1) and CrossFit Level Two (CF-L2) Trainer Certifications.

CrossFit Level 1 & 2
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance
Postural Restoration Institute- Myokenematic Restoration
Titleist Performance Institute – Fitness Level 1

A Message From Tim:  I have competed at several different levels in a few different sports over the years, and enjoyed them all. Finding something that pushes you to develop your mind and body, as well as your character, is a goal worth pursuing. CrossFit has afforded me the opportunity to once again test myself in new ways and provides an arena for these tests on a daily basis.

As a lifelong athlete, I have learned the value of team training and working toward common goals. Ups and downs, gains, plateaus and setbacks are all part of the process. Stay humble in victory (gains,PRs), re-focus and identify areas of opportunity in defeat (plateaus, setbacks). If you need any help, ask! You can find me coaching group classes, and am also available for 1-on-1 sessions or small group training if you are looking  to achieve a specific goal.  From high school athletes looking to get a leg-up on their competition, to the avid runner struggling to gain lean muscle mass, to retirees seeking to gain greater range of motion and more energy for the everyday demands of life; I have truly enjoy the bonds formed while overcoming the different challenges presented by each individual with whom I have worked in these settings.

Stay healthy my friends.

-Coach Garland

“No citizen has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”-Socrates

Contact: Tim@CrossFitAustin.com


Genevieve Garland

Genevieve Garland || General Manager

About Genevieve: Genevieve, General Manager and Coach For Life, joined the CrossFit Austin Team back in 2013. She joined the crew with a diverse movement background. Gen started her life as a mover at a age 3 with dance classes. Training for years in a number of techniques and disciplines, she now holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and has trained and performed with companies and choreographers in the Austin area. Genevieve started CrossFitting in 2011 to supplement her dance training and found more value in it than she even predicted! Along with 9+ years of experience teaching dance, she has been coaching and providing personal training since 2012 and is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach. 

These days, her own training has shifted to help her keep up with her spirited toddler and prepare juggling two in tow. As the seasons of life shift, so do your training needs, so while you won’t see her on the floor coaching quite as often, know that she is still behind the scenes helping to keep the ship afloat!


  • CrossFit Level 1 & 2
  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance
  • Working Against Gravity Certified Nutrition Coach

A Message from Genevieve:  I truly believe that training is about so much more than just the hour in the gym. Health and fitness are lifestyle choices that can tremendously enrich our lives. My goal is to help others find passion in moving and apply that passion to create and live their best lives. To me, the only way to do that is to get to know each other on a personal level. Every person that walks through these doors is coming from a different place and has different goals so I want to meet you where you are and guide you through your journey. When you join our community, you become a member of the family. Come meet our family and let’s see how we can help you live your best life! 

Contact: genevieve@Crossfitaustin.com

Dylan Wall

About Dylan:

Sports and the weight room have always been a huge part of Dylan’s life. He started lifting and competing at the age of 10 in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting under the tutelage of USA Senior International coach Tim Swords. By the age of 13 Dylan was competing at the national level and gained his USAW Level 1 coaching certification. Since then he’s had the opportunity to coach many athletes at local and national level competitions. In 2012 Dylan received an internship opportunity with the Olympic sport strength and conditioning program at Texas State University under Leo Seitz. He then graduated from Texas State in 2019 with his Bachelor’s in Exercise and Sports Science.

Dylan is now a Coach For Life and leads the Strength & Olympic Weightlifting Program, as well as the Youth Strength & Conditioning and PeeWee Strength programs at CFA.


  • USA Weightlifting Level 2
  • CrossFit Level 1

A Message From Dylan:
Lifting, competing, sports, the weight room have all been in my life as long as I can remember. Through the process I have found a passion for coaching that far surpasses my love for even lifting! I didn’t achieve all what I dreamed of in Weightlifting but my love for it has allowed me to turn that passion into helping others achieve their dreams. Nothing is better than seeing someone else succeed because of my help. I want to help others. I want to see good posture/technique. I want to help create explosive athletes. I believe in it, I believe for it, and I know that it is so.

contact: dylan@crossfitaustin.com

Heidi Childers Jones

About Heidi:

Heidi came to CFA as a member in 2016 after moving back home to Texas from a decade-long stint in the Windy City. She joined the staff a few years later as the resident massage therapist and made the jump to the coaching staff not long thereafter.

Heidi’s experience in coaching started in 2008 back in Chicago, where she bobbled back and forth between corporate advertising life and personal training, struggling to find where passion and security could coexist. She earned her MS in Exercise Physiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a degree in Clinical Massage Therapy at the Soma Institute, and eventually moved back to Texas for proximity to family and warmer weather.

In 2018 during her first pregnancy, Heidi took particular interest in all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, which quickly grew into a full-blown passion for helping pregnant people navigate the transition into parenthood. And, after some challenging personal experiences that reinforced the importance of stress management, she also became an all-around nerd about recovery, holistic wellness, and the female cycle.


  • Functional Range Systems – FRC and Kinstretch
  • BIRTHFIT – Leader & Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • University of Illinois at Chicago – MS in Exercise Physiology
  • Licensed Massage Therapist (#MT126768)
  • Certified in Thai Massage & Bodywork & Modern Cupping Therapy
  • Evidence Based Birth Instructor
  • Birthing Advocacy & Mama Glow trained Doula

A message from Heidi:

To me, CFA is more than a gym. It’s a place where people of all shapes, colors, sizes, interests, and lifestyles do not simply coexist, but grow together, support one another, and create strong bonds of friendship. I am so incredibly proud and honored to be a part of this team and work with this community of amazing humans.

Contact: heidi@crossfitaustin.com


Marco Torres

About Marco:

Marco T, aka  Alien, has been doing CrossFit for 4 years, coming from a professional roller derby background of 10 years. They began CrossFit to cross-train for roller derby. After joining CrossFit and falling in love with it and the amazing community CFA has they also developed a crush on Olympic Weightlifting which led them to compete in a few weightlifting meets.

Alien is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico where he has trained and coached a couple of roller derby teams to nationals.

When Alien is not in their natural habitat at the gym or on the track you can find them shredding it down at the skate park, watching anime, and living their best life (EOW!).

Accolades: MVP at North American Roller Derby Playoff in 2016 and MVP at Roller Derby World Cup 2017

CrossFit Level One (CF-L1)

A message from Marco:

For someone who started playing sports late, and participating in fitness programs much later into their adult life, I know firsthand how intimidating it can be to begin. What I have learned is that after that first initial phase of discomfort and uncertainty of doing something new is subsiding, what comes next is something magical. A chance to fall in love with yourself, and a nod to your body to let it know that you are taking care of it and you’re here for the long run <3.

Fitness has also impacted my life in a lot of positive ways. Playing team sports and working out in groups has awakened a social part of me that I didn’t know existed. It has rewarded me with an amazing community and I have found a new appreciation for life itself. Most definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Knowing what CFA’s community has done for other members and coaches has inspired me to try and share this experience with others who are seeking a safe space and a chance to learn the wonders of fitness.

Contact: marco@crossfitaustin.com

Bach Vu

About Bach:

Bach was born in South Vietnam but was raised his whole life in central Texas in a small town called, Seguin. Growing up, he enjoyed playing football and basketball. Still a huge sports fan, the older he got though, his love for training for the sport outgrew the actual participation. This ended up guiding his education and career. Bach graduated in 2019 with a BS in Kinesiology from the University of North Texas. He furthered his education and received his MS in Exercise Science with a focus in Strength and Conditioning in 2021. Through his journey, Bach has worked with a diverse population of athletes such as adaptive, D1 collegiate players, youth, and active older adults. Outside of the box, Bach serves as a Health and Wellness Director.

Certificates: Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

A Message from Bach:

The past years have a put an emphasis on healthy living and making the right lifestyle choices. This is why CrossFit is such a focal point in my life. Every day I get to show up, push my body, get my heart pumping, and leave knowing that today I am better than who I was yesterday. The second part of it is being a part of a inclusive community that prioritizes relentless support and brings out the best in everyone. Let’s be healthy, together!

Contact: bach@crossfitaustin.com

Hannan Ebadi

About Hannan:

Hannan is originally from Iran, but lived most of her life in Dubai. She started her fitness journey with swimming at age 7. She also began Karate as a young girl and continued training, reaching the achievement of 3rd Dan. Hannan began coaching Karate at the age of 17 and continued to both train and compete herself for many years.

She graduated with a degree in Architectural Engineering, but found her passion in fitness; especially in coaching. Hannan found CrossFit in the Middle East in 2013 where at that time, CrossFit had only been around for 3 years!  After her first WOD, she knew there was much more opportunity to challenge herself with CrossFit! That continuous opportunity to grow is the reason she continues to train.


  • L1
  • Specialist in Fitness Nutrition by ISS
  • Certified Personal Trainer BY ISS
  • SKI Karate 3rd Dan black belt

A Message From Hannan:

Being in the gym and on the coaching team for me is not only about one hour of coaching a work out. To me, it holds endless life lessons. The box is a place where you can put all thoughts behind you and be free for an hour. You come in and make this place what you need. You can put all your stress and emotions into the WOD or this can be a place where you come in and chill with the community and your friends. I think there is no better place than the box to bring it all to us. Whatever you may be feeling or needing,  we promise that we will bring the best out of you.


Contact: hannan@crossfitaustin.com

John Gieselmann

About John:
Since day one, John has been engaging in any and every form of physical activity available to him. He’s a doer, a teacher and an all out hype man. Traditional sports, extreme sports, pole dancing, bouldering… nothing is off limits. His fitness journey officially kicked off when he was 16 with some Muscle & Fitness magazines and the desire to GET JACKED, BRO. Through college he was group fitness instructor which, may or may not have, but definitely did, include teaching step aerobics.
In 2018 after years of self programming and experimenting with different forms of exercise, he decided to teach himself the olympic lifts and fell in love. In 2020 he started lifting under Dylan Wall with Austin Weightlifting and found a home with CrossFit Austin. When coach Dylan called him up to the big leagues to start coaching with Austin Weightlifting, it was a no brainer.
Certificates: USAW Level 1 Coach
A Message from John:
I’m always seeking to discover what my body and mind are capable of and thus love helping others to find (and push) their own limits. I have one speed (TURBO), I can’t say no to a challenge, and I have a revolving door of hobbies. I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to be sure.

Clara Moon

About Clara: Clara Moon is a dog mom, brunch lover, pop culture fan, and feels like the best days are a sweat session with friends. Since she is from Louisiana, you’ll be able to catch everything from Boosie to Britney Spears in the same workout when she’s coaching. Clara’s passion for movement stemmed from growing up and competing in gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. CrossFit has been a way for her to entertain her competitive side while continually finding new skills to perfect. She graduated from the University of Louisiana Monroe in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and from the University of St. Augustine- Miami with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2022. She has been involved in CrossFit since 2014 and coaching since 2019. Clara joined CFA in 2022 and sees coaching as a way to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves while making sure her class is the best hour of their day.


  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • CFL1

A Message From Clara: I’ve been lucky enough to have grown up in CrossFit so being at the gym just feels like home to me. My goal is for CFA to look like a gym, sound like a club, and feel like a family. I love the diversity and that everyone here brings something unique to our gym community. I’m always interested in connecting with people more, so if you see me dancing around the gym come say hi!

Contact: clara@crossfitaustin.com

Jared Aguilar

About Jared:

Originally from New Orleans, LA, Dr. Jared Aguilar became devoted to the study of human movement at an early age. As an undergraduate kinesiology student at Louisiana State University, he refined his study by focusing on optimizing the biopsychosocial mechanisms of such movement and how an active lifestyle can combat chronic health diseases. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Jared relocated to Austin, TX where he earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine. Around the same time, Jared became a Level One CrossFit Trainer and a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach. His dual-roles as a physical therapist and coach allow him the unique opportunity to teach athletes how to take care of their bodies, not just in response to an injury, but all the time. He is fortunate to have the opportunity to fulfill this dual-role at Crossfit Austin, where he and the other coaches work to cultivate a community of resilient athletes.

Education is one of Jared’s most powerful tools in helping clients achieve their goals without falling for the fads and misinformation that run rampant throughout the health and fitness industries. As such, it comes as no surprise that Jared finds another professional home in academia. Mentoring physical therapy students by serving as a clinical educator and musculoskeletal lab instructor at the University of St. Augustine has become a true joy.

When he’s not coaching or studying, you can find Jared co-hosting one of his many podcasts, listening to Star Wars fan theories, doing impressions of his favorite comedians, or jamming out to some classic 90s hip hop.

Professional Certifications: Manual Orthopedic Therapy Certification, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Functional Dry Needling, ASTYM, Kinesio Taping, CrossFit, and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance

A Message from Jared:
Initially, I was all about that gym bro life. I never missed a Monday chest workout. I had some classmates that were CrossFit coaches and they gave me Kelly Starrett’s “Becoming a Supple Leopard” to read. I realized that I was missing out on many other aspects of fitness and wellness. I wanted to increase my mobility, have greater control over my movements, and be able to own the difficult positions seen in CrossFit. CrossFit Austin has given me a great community and environment to help me achieve these goals. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to combine my physical therapy studies with CrossFit coaching in order to reconcile human physiology with how athletes move in the gym.

Contact: jared@crossfitaustin.com