The Prep at CrossFit Austin || March 9


The next cycle of The Prep at CrossFit Austin will start on Monday, March 9th.


[what]    What we like to call “The Prep” is designed to introduce new clients to the fundamentals and essential movements often seen in our group classes. The Prep is a course that teaches proper movement, recovery, mobility strategies, and a crash course on nutrition & lifestyle. This beginners program ultimately gives our clients the tools to make their time at CrossFit Austin life changing. We’re not just movers and shakers at CrossFit Austin – we’re thinkers, too. Producing athletes that train smart, work hard and also know their shit is what we’re all about.

Train Smart | We’ll teach you to lift & move proficiently
Dedicated time working on the technique of CrossFit Movements over the course of 12 classes, with technical consistency being a focus. Regular exposure to the movements will adequately prepare each client for success in the group class environment. Quality over quantity in your movement is our goal.

Work Hard | We’ll teach you to recover effectively
The body repairs and strengthens itself in the time between workouts. It’s in this time that the body adapts to the stress of exercise and the real training effect takes place. Learning what and how to fill this time outside of the gym is our goal.

Think Well | We’ll teach you to eat efficiently
The individuality and uniqueness of our clients are what makes our community a phenomenal place to thrive in their training. Nutrition can’t be ‘cut and paste’ for each individual – there’s no cookie cutter way to properly eat. Revolutionize the way you view nutrition and eat over the course of 12 classes and learn what works best for your ID.

[structure]    The Prep = 1 Month of CrossFit Austin

If there’s one thing we take seriously, it’s quality over quantity. Yes, we give a shit about each and every person who walks through our doors on a deeper level. You aren’t a dollar sign or a name on a sheet. You’re a member of our family. In our opinion, there’s no way to teach anyone new to CrossFit quality movement and technique in a short amount of time. Thus, our introductory course that isn’t a cram session squeezed into a few day’s time. It’s an investment of a month on both ends. You meet with your coach 3x/week for 4 weeks, learning the ins & outs of what CrossFit and CrossFit Austin is all about.

1 month | 12 Sessions
Just show up; we’ll do the rest. The Prep course you enroll in will meet 3x/week for 4 weeks.  Structured like a CrossFit Class, your Prep course classes will be at the same time each day throughout the course length for 1-hour. Just show up, we’ll do the rest (we mean it!) –  Your coach leads you through the hour class, from welcome, to warm-up, to workout with the learning in between.

1 Coach | 6 athletes
The Prep Course is limited to 6 clients per course to ensure everyone gets quality, semi-private coaching, and our coaches can focus on teaching instead of managing.

With limited space in each course, wait-list opportunities are available.

>>Click here<<  to see a schedule of our upcoming  Prep Courses

Learn more about the CrossFit Austin coaches leading The Prep here.


[what]     For those that can’t make our available Prep Course classes  or would prefer a more private introduction to CrossFit, we offer the “Private Prep”. You get all the great resources and coaching we provide in the Prep Course in one-on-one, private training with a coach. Due to the smaller more flexible setting we are able to expedite The Prep process  and get you through the material quicker.

[structure]     The Private Prep = 5 Private Sessions

No different than our regular Prep Course, the Private Prep focuses on quality instruction. Structure is a bit different though – You and your coach will meet for 5 private training sessions based on your scheduling. Each session runs for one-hour.

2 Weeks | 5 Sessions
Just show up; we’ll do the rest. 5 private session over the course of 2 weeks scheduled at your convenience.  Your coach leads you through the hour’s session, from welcome, to warm-up, to workout with the learning in between.

1 Coach | 1 Client
The Private Prep Course is a one-on-one private introduction to CrossFit. Your coach will take you through the Prep Course curriculum in 5 private sessions, and  tailor the program to your individual needs.

>>Click Here<< to enroll in a Private Prep Course and we will contact you within in 24 hours to schedule your sessions with your coach

Group Prep Option:  $200
Private Prep Option: $300

Course Times:
{6:30 am on M/W/F} or {7:30 pm on M/W/Th}
March 9 – April 3