Welcome to our Winter Training Cycle || Coach Wes Kimball

First off thanks to everyone who particiapated in the #Brickbybrick fundraising event for our friend Mino Soloman yesterday. If you’re unfamiliar with Mino’s story or how you can help check the event facebook page, and his fundraising page.   


Today marks the beginning of our winter training cycle, and I’m here to give everyone  some insight into what they can expect for the next 7 weeks.  One thing that will be a bit different is a dedicated progressive deadlifting “wave” program that’s integrated into the training cycle. Basically we’ll have specific percentages to work off of, and we’ll have a two days of deadlift work every week (Wednesday will be “heavy” days, and Friday will be “speed” days).  Below is the outline for the rest of this cycle.



Once again a quick review on how we run our training cycles:

Week 1: Test Week

Week 2-7: Training Block (3 week base + 3 week peak)

Week 8: Retest Week

Weeks 9 & 10: Transition weeks

The training block breaks out into two phases, a 3 week Base Phase followed by a 3 week Peak Phase.

My overarching goals for this training cycle are:

  • Improve speed & power via the power snatch
  • Improve absolute strength in the deadlift
  • Improve posterior strength via deadlifts, and deadlift auxiliary work.
  • Improve horizontal upper body pushing strength using bench press, and floor press variations
  • Improve medium range aerobic power efforts  (10-15 minute time frame) via traditional CrossFit couplets, triplets and chipper to improve thresholds.  We’ll also use some steady state aerobic base work to improve recovery and overall endurance.

Some specifics you can expect in the base phase:

  • Snatch work and threshold work on Mondays
  • Upper body strength and skill work on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Aerobic power work on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Deadlift work on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Aerobic base and posterior auxiliary work on Fridays
  • As always team work on Saturdays

Final news and notes:

On Friday November 20th we’re going to be holding an in house event we’re calling “Night of Champions”.  Basically we’ll be doing two separate “Ladders” in the Push Press and Clean (power or squat).  This is just a fun way to get the community together and lift some heavy weights! All of the proceed will go to a gym “Christmas present” i.e. new piece of equipment we’ll let everyone vote on after the event is complete.  

For more info check out our post here or the Facebook event page here.

That’s it for now folks! As always feel free to hit me up at wes@crossfitaustin.com with additional questions!

-Coach Wes