2012 COA Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated in our 2012 COA Challenge!  You all made huge gains and made us so very proud with all of your hard work!  It has been so inspiring to everyone in the gym to see the changes that you have all made in your performance, appearance and lifestyles!

So the wait is over…here are the winners of the 2012 COA Challenge:

Best Overall Performance
1st Place: Kirk Garza
2nd Place: Mikey Muna
3rd Place: David Can2

1st Place: Erica Cuellar
2nd Place: Jessica “Beast” Stewart
3rd Place: Janice Trinidad

Most Improved:
Male: Gary Kanning
Female: Leah Alter

Best Accountibility Score:
Male: Kirk Garza and David Can2
Female: Josie Wilson

**Winners, please stop by the office this week to claim your prizes.  They will be available on Tuesday, March 20th.