5th Annual CFA Awards

Today we recognize and congratulate the recipients of last week’s 5th Annual CFA Awards! 



The Golden Shoe Award – Nick Schittone
The 2×4 Award – Gil Garza
The Blood Award – Linzi Newth
The Sweat Award – Bradley Anderson
The Cheers Award – Sean Beal
The Earmuffs Award – Velvet Pressley
The Iron Man Award – Kevin Jenkins
The Life of the Party Award – Kelly Jackson
The Glass Half Full Award – Humberto Marquez
The Welcoming Committee – Leah Alter
“I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite” Award – Sarah Kyle
The Odd Couple Award – Greg Peppin & Alex Gold

Congratulations, guys! Y’all are AWESOME!
*Athletes, swing by the front desk to claim your prize!