1 Day Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Chad Vaughn and Ursula Garza

CrossFit Austin is pleased to announce our one-day Olympic Weightlifting Seminar featuring 2-time Olympian Chad Vaughn and USAW Senior International Coach Ursula Garza Papandrea. The focus of the seminar will be detailed instruction and hands-on training of the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. This seminar will provide you with:

• Mechanics and fundamentals of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk

• Logical progressions for the two competitive lifts

• Small group instruction from Olympic level coaches and athletes

“Ursula Papandrea and Chad Vaughn, are outstanding coaches in the art of Olympic style weightlifting. I think and feel so highly about these 2 great people’s potential I have asked them to be part of my teaching team with the CrossFit olympic weightlifting certification. I highly suggest anyone attend…(this seminar)…with 2 time Olympian Chad Vaughn and Senior International Coach Ursula Papandrea!!!”

Coach Mike Burgener, Coach of the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification

The seminar will run from 9 AM to 5 PM, limited space is available, cost: $250.

Video By Rob Garza of G7 Athletics

A few words from top CrossFitters, Coaches, and Gym Owners:

Chad and Ursula were able to point out, and correct just two small faults in my clean and jerk. Over the next two months of training I added 40 lbs to my squat clean 1 RM. I recommend their seminar to anyone that is dedicated to being a competitive CrossFitter, athlete, or weightlifter.
-Jeremy Thiel 3 time CrossFit Games qualifier, Owner of CrossFit Central

It is obvious that Chad and Ursula have the knowledge to be great Olympic style weightlifters, but they also have the coaching knowledge to make you a better lifter. I use these two regularly for help with my lifts and you would be smart to do the same thing.
– Dutch Lowy 2 time CrossFit Games qualifier, Owner CrossFit ATM and dutchlowy.com

I attended Chad and Ursula’s Olympic Weightlifting Seminar at G7. The one on one attention that I received helped me PR both my Snatch and Clean and Jerk. They where able to break down my lifts and build them up the way they needed to be. What really helped me was the attention to detail, every little correction. I can’t wait to be able to train under them again, and be able to host one of their Seminars at Bayou City CrossFit.
– Vic Zachary CrossFit Games Qualifier, Owner Bayou City CrossFit

Attending Chad and Ursula’s Olympic Weightlifting Seminar is a must. Their ability to break down lifts, and most importantly get the athlete to understand what they are doing is unmatched. Do yourself a favor and sign up to watch/learn from the best in the business.
-Bryan Diaz Regional CrossFit Games Qualifier, Head Coach/Programmer River City CrossFit, Traveling Coach for CrossFit Endurance

As a CrossFit competitor, Chad and Ursula’s seminar was a huge benefit. Becoming technically proficient in the snatch and clean and jerk has helped me to make major gains in both lifts. Besides benefiting me as an athlete, the greatest part of these seminars is that it makes me a better coach. I have a greater ability to coach athletes through the laid out progressions that Ursula and Chad demonstrate and teach. The platform time with these coaches is invaluable to me as an athlete and a coach.
-Miquel Garza Regional CrossFit Games Qualifier, Owner/Director of Programing for G7 Athletics, CrossFit Austin Coach