A Model of Consistency

Today, I’m going to take a few minutes to recognize Coach Shane. Shane is the type person whose accomplishments are easy to miss. This is not due to the magnitude of his success, but rather his humble nature.   Shane joined the staff almost a year ago, and thus began one of the greatest years of training I have ever witnessed at CrossFit Austin. Shane’s dedication is a shining example of what can be accomplished through consistency and dedication. Below are some of his CrossFit accomplishments in 2012….

  • Snatch from 155 lb to 205 lb
  • Clean from 265 lb to 300 lb
  • Jerk from 255 lb to 305 lb
  • C&J from 265 lb to 285 lb (something tells me this is going up soon)
  • Back Squat 435 lb to 455 lb
  • Press from 175 lb to 185 lb
  • Deadlift 500 lb to 520 lb
  • Max Handstand Push ups 13 reps to 21 reps
  • Diane 14:00 to  5:45
  • Grace 2:26 to 1:45

That, my friends, is an impressive body of work. Shane’s accomplishments are less a reflection of any specific program he follows but rather his ability to consistently stick to a plan, train smart, and work hard.  These are (in my opinion) his keys to success:

– A great attitude everyday, never too high, never too low; always positive (don’t underestimate this)

– He did not waiver or look for excuses when he hit plateaus (and there were plateaus), he simply put his head down, went back to work, and searched for ways to improve himself.

– He invested himself in the effort and embraced the process, not the outcomes.  Not surprisingly, the outcomes took care of themselves.

– He took care of the little things; foam rolling, stretching, corrective exercises, proper nutrition, etc. were done voluntarily in addition to the work, and never used as an excuse.

– And, most important of all, he worked his butt off every single day in some form or fashion.

So if you see Coach Shane this weekend, tell him you’re proud of him, because I damn sure am! CrossFit Austin is lucky to have Shane as a coach, athlete, and most importantly as a friend.