Aerobic Power Tests Overview

Tests 3 & 4

2K Row


Row 20 calories
30 Burpees
40 ground-to-overhead @ 95 lbs, 65 lbs
50 Wall Balls @ 20 lb, 14 lbs
400 M Run

Thursday 4/10
Saturday 4/12

What kind of test:
Max Aerobic Power (Cyclical) – 2K Row
Max Aerobic Power (Mix Modal) – Chipper

What to expect:
One of the cool things about testing fitness is we get to compare more traditional means of fitness testing like a 2K row, with a more unconventional “Chipper” style CrossFit test.  Both tests should fall somewhere in the range of 7-10 minutes for most of our athletes. However while the 2K row will be primarily limited by our aerobic capacity, rowing efficiency, and structure (height and weight). The chipper could be limited by multiple factors including strength endurance, aerobic capacity, movement efficiency, flexibility, strength, and technical efficiency in the five different movements.

What is the Goal:
As stated above both of these tests should fall somewhere in 7-10 minute range which gives us some insight into you max aerobic power.  To understand aerobic power we need to understand aerobic capacity or what’s commonly referred to as V02 max. Aerobic capacity is basically the maximum amount of energy or effort that can be fueled by oxygen during physical activity. Therefore when we test aerobic power we are seeing how well or to what degree you are able utilize your aerobic capacity for a given task. To the degree you can produce power by utilizing your aerobic capacity, the more work you will be able to perform using less effort. This translates into being able to work longer and harder over time.

-Coach Wes