Burpee Bank Fundraiser

Burpees and Cancer Suck!

The idea behind the burpee bank is simple!  Purchase a burpee for anyone in the gym to do for $1… and all the proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Purchase as many as you’d like for anyone here at CFA…this burpee bank will be active until the end of July, and at the completion of the time period I will host a BBQ and burpee pay-off day!  The burpee bank is in the gym now and located above the computer area!  There is a small index card holder(on the key box) with cards and a sharpie to write the name of the recipient and the donor, as well as paperclips for your cash or check!  I will update the bank regularly so that you can see where the standings are, and see who needs a few more!

Remember all of the days that burpees were in the WOD’s?  Remember how much you love them?  Remember how many each of the coaches have made you do?  I will definitely remember that as bad as burpees suck, cancer sucks worse!

All of the proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to further the mission of eradicating blood cancers.  Think about donating a few dollars a week to this cause, because only a few things suck more than burpees…

Saving lives, one burpee at a time.