COA Weekly Challenge #3 and CFA Gear Update!

Yo DJ, Its Yo DJ!

We’re right the thick of a mustache mania, and words can’t describe the delicious chili we consumed this Saturday (except for Cody’s eloquent words), so its on to the next challenge. This time your vieing for your very own OlyAthlete T-shirt.  It time to step into the DJ booth for all your fellow CrossFit Austinites. You have this week to turn in a CD/Playlist that will be put on repeat for a full day of classes next week.  The masses will vote for who has the smoothest taste in tunes, and the t-shirt trophy will be yours!

New CFA Track Jackets on the way!

We are placing another order for CFA Track jackets next week.  Please list what size you’d like in the comments, and we will make sure to include it in the order.  Thanks!