Coach of the Quarter: Erica Cuellar


Please help the CrossFit Austin team in congratulating Erica Cuellar as our Coach of the Quarter!  Erica is always the first person to step up and offer to help if an extra hand is needed.  She goes out of her way to encourage, uplift and create a positive environment for everyone she is around.  Erica has been an invaluable addition to our coaching staff and as part of our CFA family!  Her smiling face and infectious positive attitude represents everything that we want CrossFit Austin to stand for!

Here are a few things that our clients had to say about Erica:

Oh my gravy, what an inspiration! Your smile ignites the gym and it has been such a pleasure to watch you go from student to COACH with such ease. Thank you for all of your encouragement throughout my journey at CFA.  Love you long time.  -Valyn

Erica is such a sweet person and an amazing coach. I am so happy to have met her through CFA and have the opportunities to attend her classes. She is always smiling at the gym and starts/ends her classes with energy and I love that about her!  Erica, thanks for all the advice and encouragement that you have given me, and CONGRATULATIONS ON COACH OF THE QUARTER! Well-deserved girl! 🙂   -Missy

Erica and I started our first day of On Ramp together.  Back then she was a runner that didn’t lift, and I was an injured lifter that couldn’t squat.  Those first two weeks were the hardest weeks I have ever had in my life, but Erica encouraged me through every class.  Our first couple of “big kid” classes were very intimidating.  We stuck together and stuck it out.  No matter how hesitant I was or how much I doubted my own abilities, Erica was always there with a “You can do this!”.   Even after finishing a WOD,  she always went out to bring in the last person (usually me).  She is selfless and caring.  Her positive attitude is infectious (and extremely helpful to get me thru Fran or Karen).  Now she is one of my coaches, and is paying the gift of CrossFit and her wonderful attitude forward.  I am so lucky to get to begin again with Erica.  I don’t have to be intimidated this time around.  When doubt starts creeping in (*cough* box jumps *cough*), I look up and see Erica already telling me, “You can do this, Jen!”  And I do.  That is truly awesome.  Coach of the Quarter is well-deserved.  Congratulations Erica!   -Machine Gun Jenny