Today I’d like to take a moment and say thank you for the unbelievable outpouring of praise and support that I received after qualifying for the the American Open this morning. Back in July I talked about taking your fitness outside of the gym and challenged folks to go out there and compete.  I challenged CFA and the community and did they ever respond, we’ve had a ton of athletes that stepped outside of their comfort zone, and put themselves out there. I’m going to attempt to recognize all the athletes and coaches that have competed since I put out the challenge. I’ve done my very best to include everyone, but if for some reason I accidently miss someone please add to the comments below and I’ll update the list. Here we go!


Coach Ade Rampaul: CrossFit Classics

Alex Gold: The Athlete Open (2nd)

Coach Alex Janns: CrossFit Classics

Andy Hollister: The Athlete Open

Ash Warren: Grass Iron Last Chance Qualifier Weightlifting Meet

Blaz Ruzic: Power Athlete Challenge (3rd), Africa Partner Challenge (2nd)

Coach Chad Vaughn: 2013 USA Weightlifting National Championship (1st)

Chris Geno: The Athlete Open, CrossFit Classics

Dayna Lowke: Fit Company Fittest Professional Female

Denise Valdez: TriPearl Triathlon

Doug Clements: Hell and Back Challenge, CrossFit Classics

Coach Erica Cuellar: Woodward Women’s Throwdown 3

Gabi Groom: The Athlete Open

George Hribar:  Grass Iron Last Chance Qualifier Weightlifting Meet

George Valdez: TriPearl Triathlon

Greg Pepin: The Athlete Open, CrossFit Classic

Ikechi Urum-eke: Power Athlete Challenge (3rd)

Jeri Kreb: The Spartan Race

Julie “Crash” Shamblin: Barbells for Boobs

Jillian English: Hell and Back Challenge

Kara Denney: TriPearl Triathlon

Kat Bevel:  CrossFit Classics

Kelly Jackson: CrossFit Classics, Bat City Grand Opening Competition (3rd)

Leah Alter: Bat City Grand Opening Competition (3rd)

Coach Leigh Legare: The Athlete Open (3rd)

Linzi Newth: The Athlete Open

Coach Lindsey Guelde: The Summer Crush Games, The Athlete Open, The Alamo City Throwdown, The Ironcat Open

Liz Yankiver: 2013 Copperhead Open

Lizzie Collura-Rosenburg: The Athlete Open

Maureen Nelligan: Doggy Dash 5K

Mike Sanchez: Barbells for Boobs

Miguel Garza: CrossFit Classics

Ryan McDaniel: Grass Iron Last Chance Qualifier Weightlifting Meet

Stacey Magnesio: The Athlete Open, Barbell for Boobs

Coach Sharon Blecker: CrossFit Classics

Coach Thomas Lower: 2013 USA Weightlifting National Championship, Grass Iron Last Chance Qualifier Weightlifting Meet (1st)

That’s an amazing list and a special kudos to everyone on this list that competed for the first time. Again if I missed anyone on this list please add into the comments and I will update the list. So proud of what everyone has done and lets finish 2013 strong!

-Coach Wes