Congratulations May Competitors and PRs!

May was the month to compete! We had so many of our community members show what they are made of last month and we couldn’t be more proud. Great job on all your accomplishments CFA! Keep up the great work!

Congratulations to May Competitors!

Kerri McLaughlin raced in the 2015 IronMan TX Triathlon on May 14th.

Coach Erica Cuellar competed in the Memorial Weekend Open in Rockport, TX. This badass babe had a 56kg Snatch and at 75kg Clean & Jerk.

John “Jay Rod” Rodriguez, Kim Scott, Jeremy Peabody, and Megan Stillman rocked the Spartan Super on May 10th.

Jay Rod turned around to tackle the Spartan Sprint on May 16th and Isaiah Rosario killed it on May 10th.

Beverly Lopez, Dan Morice, Ashley Coraci, Shelby Clark, Leah Alter, Isaiah Rosario, Stephen Crockett, & Austin Coover all competed in our Spring Cleaning Competition on May 9th. Proceeds from the competition went to GingerCare Pets to support Linzi Newth in her new non-profit!



Good Luck to June Competitors!

Coach Wes Kimball, Leah Alter, Beverly Lopez, and Nick Piacente are all competing in the Naturally Fit Oly competition this weekend and Kim Scott will be doing the AFM Fittest Competition on June 13th!

Lee Perry and Wes Kimball will be competing in the Bat City competition on June 27th.


Congratulations to May PRs!

Kim Scott – Back Squat @ 81 kg  // 2 RM Front Squat @ 140 lbs // Clean @ 130 lbsBrian Wei – First Muscle Up Brian McClimmans – First Bar Muscle Up

Amy Tether-Anderson – Front Squat @ 110 lbs

Nick Piacente – Split Jerk @ 137 kg



If we missed anyone please be sure to shoot us a message. If you have an event coming up in June, let us know!
Contact with your competition details!