Core Value Number 2 – Community

communityWe are taking a quick break from the Beyond the Bar Podcast to get a few more articles in about our Core Values this week. Again, for those of you that missed my article on CrossFit Austin’s Mission and Core Values take a few minutes to read through it for context on today’s article.  Just to review, here are the CrossFit Austin mission statement and core values:

CrossFit Austin: The Catalyst for Personal Evolution

Today we tackle community.  Community was something that we wrestled with including in our core values simply because it’s become such a buzzword and lost a lot of its original meaning.  But, the more I dug in, the more I realized that the community of CrossFit Austin is still a major driver and motivator  for folks.  Our community has most assuredly grown and evolved over the years.  So much so that I’d say our community has several “neighborhoods”. Regardless, it remains a source of pride and motivation for those that are a part of it. But, why?

Ultimately we all want to be something bigger than ourselves. We want that “tribe” feel where everyone holds each other accountable, works incredibly hard, and commits to never giving up. At a primal level we all have a common goal of bettering ourselves, and the people that surround us are the ones that ultimately push us through the difficult times and over the bumps in the road on the journey towards that goal. As Adrienne so eloquently put it, the community is here to  “support each other even with something as simple as a welcoming smile”.  Whether we call it community, teamwork, or family, it’s when hard work is directed at the well being of the collective that the power of that work greatly outweighs work or actions that are selfishly driven. Thats how we put power back into a silly buzzword like “community”.

-Coach Wes