Great Additions to the 2013 COA Challenge

Last year was a monumental year for our  challenge we had 55 people take the plunge and make the commitment to spend 6 great weeks bettering themselves.  Tomorrow I’m going to share with everyone some of the powerful tools challengers used to accelerate their success last year, but today I’d like to share with everyone two great new additions to the challenge in 2013.

Expanded Community Support 

A big part of success is  surrounding yourself with a strong community of supporters.  One of our goals for this year’s Circle of Awesomeness challenge is to amplify that community support. Instead of one interactive group meeting you will get 6 interactive group meetings with your fellow Challengers. These session are designed to not only educate but to be a sounding board of struggles, and successes for the entire group.   In addition to support from other athletes we encourage you gather additional support from your spouse by attending our group meetings with you for free. Our online community will also be expanded in the form of more informational articles, motivational stories, coaches feedback, and video progression.

CrossFit Open Prep 

We also recognize that a diverse group of folks take on the challenge each year. So we are including a weekly video series of skill progression specifically to help everyone prepare for this year’s CrossFit Open.  We will be working on two seperate movements that we’ve seen in every Open.

  • Double Unders
  • Kipping Pull-ups

Each Monday we will post our skill progression and Skill WOD for the week. Our hope is that with some dedicated active learning folks will progress past higher level skills that have given them fits in the past.  Study’s show that it take 6-8 weeks to acquire a new skill which is right in line with when we start the Open!

The Circle of Awesomeness Challenge is always a great time for us as a staff at CFA, because get a chance to see athletes conquer challenges, and hardships that have eluded them in the past.   It’s fantastic to watch so many people focus themselves and dedicate themselves to achieving their goals, and that’s why we are so excited to get this year kicked off!

The specific dates for all of next week tests are now listed on the COA Challenge Event Page, and remember the early bird discount pricing runs through midnight  tomorrow (Wednesday 1/16). Tomorrow I’ll share with you some success tips from last year and Friday we will announce all the Fitness Tests! And remember….