Kenedi Jae’s Story

Kenedi Jae Groves

Kenedi was born on December 18, 2005 with Hyperplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Aortic Stinosis.  At just a few days old, she was flown to Children’s Medical Center Dallas from Amarillo where she underwent her first two heart surgeries. These procedures were viewed as successful and Kenedi still had some function on the left side of her heart. We had hopes that with more time, this left side of her heart would improve.  But on May 15, 2006, the left side of her heart still had minimal function, and a more intense surgery was required. Kenedi underwent her third open heart surgery known as the Bi-Directional Glen as well as the Damas Kaye Stansil. Since then Kenedi’s progress from these procedures was painful and slow. She was in the Intensive Care Unit for over a month. After several unsuccessful attempts to extabate her, take her off oxygen, remove the NG tube (feeding tube), and leave ICU, she was finally released to go home on July 5, 2006. Even at 9 months old, her journey was far from being over.

Kenedi is now 6 years old and in the 1st grade. On August 23, 2012, she was admitted into Children’s Medical Center for heart failure. After various tests, doctors found her a good transplant candidate. She was placed as an A1 Status. On October 1st, 2012 she underwent surgery once again, this time for  doctors to implant a Berlin Mechanical Heart. She and our family are currently in Dallas waiting and praying for a heart transplant while staying at the Children’s Medical Center and the Ronald McDonald House.

Although this is a very difficult time, we are certain we are where we need to be. With the support of our family, friends, and the number of medical personnel we are in communication with, her life is in the best hands. We know God has special plans for her. We are hopeful the perfect heart is awaiting this little girl. She is without a doubt, a miracle in our lives and a blessing to all around her.

-Written by her Mother, Kelli Wight Kennedy

Kelli, Kenedi Jae, and their family have always been a huge part of my life. From Kelli babysitting me when I was a youngster to spending Christmas with Kenedi Jae and all of her cousins.  We always knew that Kenedi would need more medical care as she grew older, but were completely blindsided when we learned she was in complete heart failure and in need of a transplant.

Over the next several months, CrossFit Austin will be hosting multiple fundraising events for Kenedi and her family.  I’m honored to be a leader in the Austin CrossFit community and have seen this community come together in the past for a great causes- so it is only natural to enlist our powerful community to support a hurting family in need.  Thank you in advance for your generosity, my hope is that our community can take even a small burden off of Kelli, Kenedi Jae, and their family in this incredibly difficult time.

I ask that you give what you can, even the smallest amount will help.  Know your donation will directly impact this little girl and her family’s life.

Thank you so much,

-Wes Kimball, Owner and Founder of CrossFit Austin