Ladies-Only Competition Workouts Announced!

The Ladies-Only Competition of Fall Fit Fest is right around the corner!

This will be a competition featuring two team workouts: a strength-based workout and a endurance-based body-weight only workout. Each team will be scored and ranked in each workout and the team with the lowest overall score will be claim victory.

  • 1st-Place Team will receive a free month of Membership at CFA and a pair of Reebok Nanos!
  • Best-dressed Team will receive a $50 Gift Card to Lululemon!
  • Registration Opens on Sunday, October 21st @ 3 PM. Only $50 per team to participate! Sign up here!

Event 1 (100 Pts):
In 10:00, find a 1 RM Deadlift
*Final Score is total weight for each teammate
*Each athlete must register a weight for the team’s score to count

Event 2 (100 Pts):
50 Yd Partner Sled Pull
50 Partner Wall Balls (14lb)
50 Yard Sled Pull
50 Partner Pull-ups
50 Yard Partner Sled Pull
50 Patty-Cake Burpees
50 Yard Partner Sled Pull
*Final Score is the team’s total time at the end of the event
*Teammates pull the sled together and split the reps, with one person working at a time
*Each athlete must complete at least one rep of each exercise

Scoring will be relative to placement in each event just as in the Final CrossFit Games.
See this article and chart for scoring information (click here).

Grab a gal and sign up here!