New Open Gym Times Available!

As you may have noticed, we have added a full schedule of new Open Gym sessions. To simplify registration, a tab has been created in MindBody Online (our registration interface) specifically for Open Gym sessions (click here to access).

If you participate in Individual Program Design with one of our coaches or participate in the Individual Strength Program (posted weekly–**This is not the Thursday Strength Day workout!**), you will now need to sign up for Open Gym instead of signing up for a spot in a Group Class. When you arrive, please be sure to check in with a coach to see where the coach will have you training. Open Gym sessions will still be counted as one visit per session (as they were before).

Sign up for Open Gym here!

*Questions? Concerns? Let us know! Call us at (512) 761-6733, email us at, or talk to a staff member!