On The Horizon

Today’s article is just a quick update on few things happening, starting this weekend. Let’s get to it!


Saturday (8/24) morning we will be doing some work primarily in the small gym. If anyone would like to assist, we’d love the help and you’ll get some free food a drinks out of it!

8 AM – 11 AM

  • Moving racks and desk out of the gym

  • Constructing plywood HSPU Walls

  • Aligning platforms

  • Reorganizing GHDs, Airdyne’s,  Dumbbells, and KBs

11 AM – Noon

  • Paint all new HSPU walls


  • Free BBQ and Drinks


Test Week
Alas the final week of this 8 week cycle is upon us! Which can only mean one thing…….TEST WEEK! Here is the schedule of tests so you can plan your workouts accordingly.

Mo 8/26 – Nancy

Tu 8/27 – Makeup / active recovery

We 8/28 – 800 M Time Trials

Th 8/29 – Front Squat

Fr 8/30 – Makeup / active recovery

Sa 8/31 – Open WOD 13.4

We will be posting links to the last time you did the tests on the daily posts so get ready to ring the gong next week!