Hey CFA,

We know parking has been a bit of an issue as we are getting used to our new home in building C. We are working to make some improvements, but in the mean time please take a look at the image below for some dos and don’ts of parking.

Green – Go for it!
Red – No CFA Parking

We’ve requested that the recycling bin in front of our building be moved next time they come to empty it so that will free up those spaces. In front of our building is fair game for CFA.

We know that parking up toward the front of the complex is not ideal, but hey, a little jog to the gym or back to your car can count as extra credit! 

It is crucial that we don’t park in front of the businesses surrounding us, especially in front of their garage doors. It would be a shame if your car got towed for the sake of a close spot so please stay in the green!

Thank you,

The CFA Team