Quick and Simple Mobility Circuit:

In the pursuit of fitness we often times look for more complex solutions to our problems. Whether it’s buying a $1000 blender to “juice”  all our food,  a piece of exercise equipment that has 15 functions, or a workout  that has 10 exercises and needs a road map to navigate. All of these examples play into the fallacy that more is better. As I’ve said before, success lies in simple fundamentals more often than not. So today we are going to explore a circuit of 3 simple stretches we can use on a daily basis to improve our basic ability to move.

2-3 Rounds
Shin on the wall stretch :30/ Leg
Hanging Partner Upper Body Stretch :30
Heel Sit :30

Total Time:
Approximately 6-10 minutes including time to move from exercise to exercise.

What you need:
A wall, a bar to hang from, and a partner or box

What you’re accomplishing:
With this circuit we are attacking two common mobility issues with each exercise: Tight quads and hip flexors with the shin on the wall stretch, limited ROM in the upper thorax and tight pectorals with the hanging partner stretch, and we address a tight groin, and stiff ankles with the heel sit.