Weekend Logistics for 15.2


Tomorrows CrossFit Open Workout will be much simpler logistics wise.

1. Sign up for 9 am or 10 am class if you’d like to do 15.2
2. Show up on time (or better yet early)
3. We will warm-up as a group
4. Get after it!

additional notes:

– We will be open for Open Gym from 11 am – 12:30 pm Sunday, we will have a hard stop at 12:30 pm so make sure you get to the gym and get started no later then 11:30 AM.
– Scores submitted Thursday – Sunday  will be validated Monday morning
– Scores submitted on Monday will be validated Tuesday morning
– Test week(s) starts next week and will be spread out over the next two weeks (see schedule below) to keep you guys fresh for the Open.
– Whole life challenge peeps You’ll have all next week to complete your workout retest, it will be the class workout on

Test Schedule

Monday 3/9: Clean Thruster Complex, WLC Benchmark
Wednesday 3/11: 1RM OHS, 1 RM Press, “Grace”
Monday 3/16: “Jackie”
Thursday 3/19: DL/Step-up/Double Under AMRAP