Strength+Beauty Athlete Profile

The CrossFit Austin Strength & Beauty Challenge starts up again March 24th, 2013! Past sessions have led to some amazing results, some of which we just have to share with you! This week’s athlete is Colleen Legge.


Colleen - Before & After Strength & Beauty

Meet Colleen! Before & After her Strength & Beauty Challenge!

Lost 3.3% Body Fat
Down 13.5 Inches
Dropped 17lbs

Quote from Colleen: “The group sessions were extremely helpful. Hearing where people struggled and found success made you feel not alone. It was a group effort…… So numbers don’t lie……I could feel this is in my clothes, and I could certainly feel that every time I stepped onto my yoga mat. Since then I have taken off another 5 pounds on the scale and I am more than ever committed to my daily practice of yoga.”

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