Take The Sports Car Out Of The Garage!

Once again I was given orders to write something informational like, “3 Ways To Improve The Aerobic System” and “Muscle Spotlight: Shoulder” (I promise I will get to it!).  In my defense I  have a severe case of ADD.  So, instead, I will write about what currently has my very short attention span.  Which is…

The Blend of Art and Science.

I am obsessed with minds, both past and present, who have seamlessly blended the two.  Examples could be Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, etc.  All of them had the ability to blend Art and Science, and make it look easy.  As if we are all capable of such a thing.  Then I came across this video:


My aha moment came.

You see, my job is to make sure our programing has meaning and is achieving the desirable results for you, our client. Both from a numbers standpoint in strength and endurance, but also biomechanically in regards to movement quality.

Wes, Thomas, and I are always questioning.  Looking for better practices and monitoring the numbers.  Maybe we are looking in the wrong place?

Science is cold and controlled. Art is alive and free flowing.

When the gym is empty, it is cold.  Only when you guys come in does it breathe life.  Yet, we continue to monitor our performance in our controlled setting, the gym!  Maybe you, as clients, only monitor your own fitness in our controlled setting?  Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

It is similar to the story of the man who buys a sports car just to keep it in the garage.  Most of us fall into the routine of work-gym-home, or some combination of the three.  Our fitness never sees “life”, which is the art.  Use a hobby, recreation, or play in nature! Take the sports car out and let it rip!  Then let us know how it turned out, and how it felt.  Functional fitness is not in the gym.  It is in life!