Taking on the Turkey


Tomorrow is the first day of November and, for all intents and purposes, the start of the holiday season.  The next two months are hands-down the most difficult to stay on the path of healthy living and improved fitness.  Often 10 months of hard work and dedication back slide into two months of old habits.   Busy social schedules, treats at the office, traveling, house guests, and epic holiday meals all make November and December a difficult time to hunker down and focus on your fitness.  These aren’t just excuses, they’re legitimate obstacles, but the path of least resistance also yields the least results.   Our goal is to change the collective attitude towards this busy time of year, to view the Holidays as a challenge to be confronted head on,  a time to eliminate excuses, and an opportunity to jump your fitness ahead of the crowd of folks that are waiting for the New Year to accomplish their goals.

How can we help?  The Tour de Turkey Challenge is a way to systematically stay on top of your fitness during the busy holiday season.  Why?

Short and Long terms goals turn a dream into a plan. The long term goal of a successful final challenge will be the driving force of the 5 weeks. Additionally,  each week you will have a small GOW (Goal of the Week) to accomplish. These small chunks of success will keep you driving forward.

The Tour de Turkey Challenge is always a Partner Challenge giving the challengers the added accountability of a team.  Sharing struggles, having someone to answer to, and having another person rely on your effort keep you moving and keep you motivated.  Shared success always taste a bit sweeter!

…Excuses. While it’s not always easy to get into the gym when life gets busy, there is never a legit excuse not to train.  Challengers will receive 2 workouts that need absolutely no equipment, and can be performed anywhere.  The goal is an athlete with significantly improved conditioning and improved abilities in  body-weight movements at the end of the 5 weeks. We may not be able to train everything, but we can still improve.

So who’s up for a challenge?