Test Week and Updates

Happy Monday all! We hope everyone is enjoying the new facility and appreciate your patience with the build out.  Below you will find a quick update on programming and the new and improved CFA!

Program Updates:

We will begin a new cycle this week, which means today starts TEST WEEK! I will have some additional info on the tests throughout the week, but the schedule will look like this:

Monday – Test
Tuesday – Active Recovery, Make up Day
Wednesday – Test
Thursday – Test
Friday – Active Recovery, Make up Day
Saturday – Test

Like our last cycle this week will be followed by 6 weeks of training and a retest week

Updates on the Gym Build out:

  • We have fully operational toliets and cold drinking water at the new gym!
  • Showers are still scheduled be open mid to late week
  • Our brand new Rogue Rig is ready for use! (Thanks Lane and Mark)
  • New bars and bumpers are in!
  • More Fans are ordered and will be up as soon as we get them!

Lastly in an effort in an effort to be the very best that we can be, we’d love  your feedback on the new facility please fill out this quick 3 question survey :

New Facility Survey