Test Week Overview (2014 November / December Cycle)


Tomorrow we begin our next training cycle, which means test week is upon us. This will be an abbreviated training cycle taking us through mid December with the retest week falling on the week of December 15th-20th.   This will give us 5 weeks of training book-ended by our test / retest weeks, and will also allow our transitional weeks to fall during the Christmas / New Year holiday weeks.   As we embark on this stretch of training be aware that with less time between test/retest improvements will be seen by focusing on the following elements.

  • Skill Development

  • Movement Quality and Technique Development

  • Mental fortitude

So be prepared for more learning and teaching from your coaches,  and more concentrated intense doses of work that will challenge your ability to “Push” both mentally and physically.  This will be our 2nd to last training cycle before the CF Open so most of our tests reflect movements and time domains that you will see in the open. Remember your ability to do well in anything starts with the training and work you do 12-24 weeks in advance of the event, not what you can cram into the week(s) of the event.  Below you’ll find the tests and schedule for the week and some quick notes on tomorrow’s tests. Enjoy!

Monday 11/5

In 15:00
Clean Complex
1 Hang Clean (Power or Squat)
1 Full Squat Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Jerk (any variation, push press is allowed but not recommended)
*After warm-up with a partner start with an empty barbell, and build up to as heavy as weight as possible.


Complexes such as this one allow us to train the ability to do more technical power movements under fatigue. They also force the athlete to be more precise and proficient in various elements of a given movement while maximizing training time. The increase physical and mental demands of this complex will allow us to simulate a 95-100% effort clean and jerk without actually putting that load on the bar.

7:00 AMRAP
7 Burpees
7/arm  Alt. DB Snatch @ 35 / 20
*Total reps recorded


This amrap falls in the aerobic power zone (think 1 mile time trial)  for the majority of our athletes. As with a good deal of our tests this cycle managing the work and being precise and efficient with movements will be the key to a good score. With a “short” time domain and high turnover movement athletes must find a pace that is aggressive but also sustainable which is no easy task.  This is a great test to see what end  of the anaerobic / aerobic spectrum you fall in so pay attention to what your limiters are and refine for your approach during retest week!.


Active Recovery   / Make up Day

Wednesday 11/5

“OPT 3”

A. 3 RM Front Squat

B. 2 RM Snatch

C. Max Reps of CTB Pull-ups (1 set)

*Record results for all 3 tests and add together for your “OPT 3” score

Thursday 11/6

4 Rounds
15 GTO @ 75 lb, 55 lbs
30 Double Unders
400 M Run
Time Cap 30:00

Friday 11/7

Active Recovery / Make up

Saturday 11/8

20:00 AMRAP
20 PC to OVHD 135/95
30 TTB
40 Ball Slams
50 Wall Balls  20/14
Max Cal Row for remainder of time

Coach Wes