Thank You

Reflecting back I’m so proud of the fight in everyone from CrossFit Austin and our team this weekend.  After getting ourselves in a hole after day one we steadily improved and climbed our way back into the mix all weekend.  The team had to fight for everything they got this weekend, and even at the lowest points there was never an ounce of quit in anyone wearing a pink jersey.  As a coach I’ve never been more excited than I was on Sunday.  Nugget and Leigh hitting PR snatches, Stacey cranking out 16 muscle-ups, Alex getting her first 3 muscle-ups in a competition, and Gilbert and Shane rising to the occasion and putting the team on their backs in the last workout was incredibly inspirational.

So many thanks are in order.  Thank you to the athletes who have sacrificed their time, blood, sweat, and tears training long and hard for this event.  Especially to Alex Gold and Dayna Lowke for the time and effort they put in without the reward of competing.  Thanks to Airrosti for keeping us healthy this weekend. Thank you to everyone in the CrossFit Austin family that traveled to San Antonio to support and cheer us on. Thank you to our friends at Alamo CrossFit for putting on the best CrossFit event  I’ve ever attended.  Thanks to my sister Jables for always being ready to selflessly help no matter what.  Thank you to the rest of the CFA staff for all the behind the scenes work you did. And thanks to my Wife Jamie for all the support this weekend and throughout the year.  Each and everyone of you make CrossFit Austin special in your own unique way, and make me proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people.