The 2012 CrossFit Games



The Dust has settled on the Fittest Games and we want to congratulate all of our athletes that participated! Also a huge thank you to the  #paintitpink Army that came out to support the athletes this Weekend! Final Results are below:

  • Alex, and Miguel’s team took home 3rd place 
  • Shane, Leigh, Stacey, and Boone finished in 5th 
  • Blake, Sleeves, Carissa, and Christy finished in 21st

The CrossFit games season has officially begun and now is the time for EVERYONE to get involved!
Keep reading below for important dates, information, and details.

1. Sign up for the CrossFit Games opens on Wednesday February 1st!
We would love for as many people as possible to participate!

  • Support: By signing up you can score points to help send the CrossFit Austin Team to Regional’s 
  • Challenge: Gauge your abilities against CrossFittters worldwide !
  • #paintitpink: The team with the most open participants in the region  receive free tickets to Regionals April 27th-29th.

2. Team CrossFit Austin One:

  • Team CrossFit Austin One will consist of 3 men,  3 women, and 2 alternates (1 man, 1 woman)
  • Team CrossFit Austin One currently consists of:
    Women: Alex Janss, Leigh LeGare, Stacey Magnesio
    Men: Shane Stephens, Miguel Garza 
  • We need one more male athlete, as well as male and female alternates. If you are interested in training with, competing, and/or just want to help score points during the open for Team CrossFit Austin One, please email me at
  • As with any sport the head coach will make any and all final personnel decisions.  We will use the open, and multiple assessments to determine the final team, but ultimately all final roster decision will be determined by me.
  • This year affiliates are allowed to have multiple teams. If you are interested in forming a team outside Team CrossFit Austin One please let me know via email and I will let you know exactly how to form the team under CrossFit Austin.

3. Registration closes on February 21st and the Open will kick off on February 22nd. All updates to us are at the mercy of the CrossFit Games Website, as soon as we get more info we will forward it along asap!