The Mohican Warrior Challenge Events

The Mohican Warrior Challenge starts this Saturday, at  8 AM.  The below are the workouts!

Workout 1:

Take 7 Minutes to work to a heavy Clean and Jerk
For 1o Minutes on the Minute
Complete 1 Clean, or 1 Clean and Jerk (Push or Split Jerk allowed)
*Weight can be increased ONLY 2 times during the workout, it can not be decreased 
*For every completed Jerk a 2 lb bonus will be added to your final weight
*For every missed clean, a 2 lb penalty will be subtracted from your final weight
*Score= Final Weight +/- bonuses and penalties

Workout 2:

2 Rounds
15 Thrusters (M: 95 lb, W: 65 lb)
15 Lateral Jump Burpees
400 M Run
10 Overhead Squats (M: 95 lb, W: 65 lb)
10 Pull-ups (M: Chest to bar, W: Chin over bar)
400 M Run
*25 Minute Cap
*Score= total time, or 25 minutes+numbers of rep not completed

Divisions Modifications
Elite: M: Rx as listed W: Rx as listed

M: 65 lb
M: Pull-ups

W:45 lb
W: Jumping Pull-ups x2
Beginner: M: 45 lb
M: Jumping Pull-ups x2
M: 200 M Run

W: 25 lbs
W: Jumping Pull-ups
W: 200 M Run

Final Scoring for the event will be as follows:
Total Seconds in “Hawkeye” – Total Weight in “Chinagook”= Final Score
Goal is the lowest final score possible

Scoring Example:
time 18:13 or 1093 Seconds. Score: 1093 Points
Highest weight cleaned 245 lb, made 8 jerks for 16 bonus lbs, missed one clean -2 lbs penalty.  Score: 245+16-2= 259 points
Final Score:
1093-259= 834

We will award prizes for most improved in all three divisions, and top performance in the Elite division.  Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what some of those prizes are!