Tour de Turkey Team Challenge *UPDATED*

CrossFit Austin is excited to announce our Fall Holiday Gym Challenge.  If you are worried about all that yummy Thanksgiving food staying with you until Christmas, this will be the perfect way to keep on the straight and narrow between holidays!

What is the challenge?
The Tour De Turkey will be a team challenge.  The initial workout test will be done as an individual on Nov. 28th.  Everyone who signs up for the challenge must come in on the 28th and complete the workout.  If, for some unavoidable reason, a challenger cannot come in on the 28th, the only make up day will be Tuesday, Nov. 29th.  On Nov. 30th, challengers will receive an email that tells them who their teams will consist of.  The teams will be chosen by our coaching staff based on your results from your initial workout test.  It will be imperative to collaborate with your team and come up with a stellar name!!  Over the course of the next 3 weeks, your team will be required to perform 2 additional workouts that are outside of our regular CFA programming. These workouts will be emailed to all teams at the same time each week and will not count towards the athlete’s allotted membership visits.  Team members will be accountable to each other in regards to their workouts, nutrition and sleep.  The 2 additional workouts can be done individually or with your teammates.  Each team will be assigned a coach who will be available for support and guidance throughout the competition.   These coaches will be placed with teams based on a random drawing.  On Wednesday, December 21st, we will host our final team workout challenge.  This will be a battle of epic proportions…each team will have a chance at victory! **Due to the number of people who have signed up, the challenge will now be a partner challenge.

Can Level 1 and Level 2 athletes participate?
Yes, both levels can participate.  Level 1 athletes will be need to come to Level 2 classes on Monday, Nov. 28th and Dec. 21st for the initial and final workouts.  Level 1 challengers will need to email to let her know what Level 2 classes they’d like to come in for on those 2 days.  Since they are not approved for signing up for Level 2 classes, this will be the only way to reserve their spot in class.

Will the workouts be scaled?
Yes, there will be 3 divisions: advanced, intermediate and beginner.  When you receive the email announcing your team members, we will also let you know which division your team will be competing in. **There will not be 3 divisions now, but everyone will be teamed up in a way that each team has a chance at victory!

What do we win?
Besides the obvious glory and prestige that comes with dominating a CFA challenge?  You will also win dinner at Fogo De Chao with your teammates and your coach along with the other winning teams and coaches from the other divisions. **There will now be a first and second place winning duo that will be going to Fogo De Chao for the victory dinner

How do I sign up and how much does it cost?
There will be a $50 entry fee for this challenge and you can sign up and pay for the event here.

If you have any questions, please only post them in the comment section on this page.