Tour de Turkey Workouts Announced!

Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?
Yes! A building can’t jump at all… [Insert laughter here]…

It’s almost time for all of this year’s Tour de Turkey Teams to get to jumping (among many exciting activities) and we’re excited to announce Saturday’s much-anticipated tests!


Bonus Initial Tests/Retests:
The initial tests are designed to give athletes quantitative metrics to track over the course of the challenge. Bonus “seconds” will be awarded based on your best score, either on the initial test November 3rd or the Retest December 8th. If you do not participate in both the initial test and retest you not be eligible to receive bonus points.

Initial Test/Retest 1: KStarr Man/Woman Test
*Each athlete must complete Hold the Man/Woman Test
– :05 off/person of final time for 12K
– :07 off/person of final time for 16K
– :10 off/person of final time for 24K
– :15 off/person of final time for 32K
*Each athlete gets 2, and only 2, attempts

Points of performance
– Arms remain behind the ears, heels flat on the ground for the entire rep
– Athlete’s hip crease is clearly below the knee at the bottom
– Athlete must count aloud, “1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3 one thousand” at the bottom of the rep

Initial Test/Retest 2: 75 Burpees for Time
*One person works at a time
*Worth :10 off final workout
– :05 off/team of final time for under 5:00
– :10 off/team of final time for under 4:00
– :15 off/team of final time for under 3:00
– :20 off/team of final time for under 2:00
*Chest touches ground, must jump up onto plate with 2 feet

Final Test:
*The Final test will comprise the bulk of your score
*It will be a timed partner task-based work out
*Bonus Seconds earned from initial tests 1 and 2 will subtract from your final time in this workout