Victory 400

Friend of CrossFit Austin, Mike Martinez, begins his grueling Victory 400 run this Friday at 5:00 AM.  Mike is running from Dallas to San Antonio to raise awareness and funds for the Wounded Warriors.  He will be running through Austin next Thursday, and as sign of solidarity our WOD will be a 5K run.  We will be taking a group to meet Mike on his run through Austin to show support and get him through a tough leg of the run (it will be Day 7 of 9).  If you would like to join the fight and run with Mike.

Please email for more info, I will be driving a group out to start the race with Mike (Leaving from CFA at 5:00 AM).  If you would like to meet us somewhere along the pleasd call me at 806-679-7519, the run will last from 6 AM to appx. 11 AM (Mike will finish the leg at CrossFit Austin.)

*Morning classes will be canceled on the day of the run, Thursday 9/23
**Check out Mike’s blog and the Victory 400 Website