Welcome New CFA-ers!

Welcome to the Circle of Awesomeness, New Members!

October has been such an exciting month! We opened and celebrated our new spacious addition, raised money for those affected by the recent fires, enjoyed a happy hour, celebrated our members as they competed in various activities, and welcomed a large group of new members to CrossFit Austin!

We know there’s been a lot to keep up with, so we wanted to take a moment to introduce our new members and let everyone know about our expanding circle of awesomeness…

Albert Pomales Anita Uresti Becky Carter Charlie Koehn Chris Boling
Chris Geck Christina Torres Cory Duck Cynthia Clark Eric Reis
Gadiel Arellano Gary Kanning Haley Hunter Jennifer Irlbacker Jerry Gregoire
Jessica Buck Jordan Pellien Jorge Gonzalez Kelley Davis Kristin “Bubbles” Wallner
Lamar Young Laura Leukhardt Lawrence Celedon Lola Garcia Maria Leyendecker
Martin Goman Mel Romero Meredith “Mer” O’Brien Michael Oakley Mimi Stewart
Monique Lalonde Patrick “Paddy Ice” Breland Robyn Taliaferro Ruth Untermeyer Ryan Bailey
Sarah Hunter Siddharth Sundar Tierra Thomas Tiffany Syfan Kimberly Hendrix
Mike “Greybeard” Flury Elivra “L.V.” Johns Leah Alter

We’re so glad y’all are here!