What to expect this cycle

Daily Extra Credit

This will primarily consist of cyclical aerobic work, isometric structural strength work, and additional mobility. Let me be the first to remind you that this is “extra credit” so if you complain that its not fun, you don’t have time, or you don’t like it my (or your coaches) response will simply be “Then don’t do it”. The extra credit is unsexy by design, if everything you had to do in training  was fun, exciting, and sexy everyone would be Lebron James. The extra credit is not extra work for work’s sake, its designed to support the primary training, and help your body adapt properly and efficiently.


The training for the first 3 weeks will follow a general progression week to week. Training 3-5 sessions a week is advised, however I’d advise against 6 sessions per week.   Mondays and Thursdays will be similar training sessions for the first 3 weeks, as well as Tuesday’s and Saturdays. So a good sample week could look like this:

3 days: M, W, Sa
4 days: M, Tu, W,  F or Sa
5 days: M, Tu, W, F, Sa

I’d also add for our experienced athlete (1 year+) it might behoove you to take a day during the week to work specifically on the skills that give you the most issues in our tests. If you do this remember that taking skills to extreme fatigue and/ or absolute failure is a recipe for creating bad habits. Instead be intentional and meticulous with your practice, specifically with the more advanced gymnastics and weightlifting skills. Lastly remember that on rest days we still recommend you be active in a non stressful was. So get outside and enjoy this beautiful city!

Weekly Life Challenges

Each week we will be posting a new nutritional challenge on the board. Just like the extra credit they won’t always be easy, but they will most certainly assist you in improving over the next six weeks. The challenges will be designed to help you create better habits, and primarily be focused in the sleep, stress, and nutrition department. So can continuing to adhere to the challenges for longer than the week they’re listed  will certainly be beneficial.  Stay tuned for the first challenge tomorrow.