WOD 10/15

Level Two
A. Push Jerk by feel x2 x5 Rest :60
B1. Deadlift x5x2 @ 85%-90%, x5x2@ 95%, x5x1 @ 100% Rest :30
*% of Max Clean
B2. Strict Pull-ups x4x5 Rest :45
C1. Plate Farmers Walk Red Line to Red Line x 4 Rest :00 (no rest)
C2. Glute Straight Leg Raise x20/leg x 4 Rest :00 (no rest)

Level One

Kip Swing/Jumping Pull-up

10 Deadlifts (65lb, 45lb)
5 Pull up
10 Deadlift (65lb, 45lb)
5 Pull up
10 Deadlift (65lb, 45lb)
5 Pull up
*Scale Pull ups to Ring Rows

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“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie

AM – Level 1
Garrett 8:58 Rx
Mike 8:57 Rx
The King 10:04 Rx
Eric 10:45 Rx
J-Mo 10:47 (53lb)
Brooke 9:57 Rx+
AM – Level 2
Big Spoon S
Mikey S
MegO S
Guthrie S
Jackie S
Jessie S
Eileen S
Mitch S
Brad S
Tow Mat S
Michael S
Gwar S
Ballet S
Michele S
Ray S
George S
Bryan S
12P – Level 2
Mer S
Gabriel S
PM – Level 2
Wade S
Melissa K S
Crash S
Marissa S
Danimal S
Gil S
Marky Marc S
Schittone S
Zac S
Cowboy S
Shug S
Holly S
Jenna S
Andy S
Parnell S
Liz G S
Leah S
Denise S
Nicole S
Adrian S
PM – Level 1
Daby 10:47 (65lb)
Linzi 9:58 (95lb)
Beth 10:05 (65lb)
Angelica 10:43 (53lb)
Robyn 12:15 (45lb)
Kara 10:42 Rx
Javier 11:18 Rx
Valerie 14:14 Rx
Ruben 11:54 Rx
Lisa 10:52 (55lb)