WOD 10/20

Level Two
15 Minutes Double Under Progression

A1. DB Single DL+Reverse Lunges x5/leg x5 rest :45
A2. Heavy Russian KB Swings x5x5 rest :45
A3. Jump Rope of Choice x20x5 rest :45
B1. Box Jumps w/ DBs on 24”, 20” x6x4 rest :90
B2. Banded Goblet Squats @ 33X1 x8x4 rest :90
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Level One (Day 12)
KB Swings

A. Hip/Hang Snatch x2x3 rest :90
B. Clean x1x3 Rest 2:00
C. DL 3×3 rest 2:00
D. Back Squat x5x3 rest 2:00

If you want to be found stand where the seeker seeks. -Sidney Lanier

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– Thanks SO MUCH to everyone for making Saturday’s Fall Fit Fest & Fundraiser such a success! To all of you that donated/volunteered/participated/supported, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate our new space! Thank you!
– – – Congratulations to our Coach Tristy Stephens and Danny Gomez on their recent engagement – we’re so glad we got to share the moment!

Upcoming Activities:
– We have a Happy Hour coming up on Thursday, Oct. 27th at 7:00pm at Little Woodrows in Southpark Meadows.  It’s STEAK night folks!!
– – LADIES NIGHT is back!! November 8th at 5:30pm at Opal Divines on South Congress, join the girls of CFA for Happy Hour and good conversion!  Meet some of the new faces at CrossFit Austin!
– – – We’re excited that Team Traverse Parkour will begin teaching 11:30am Saturday Parkour Classes at CFA! To learn more and sign up, click here.
– – – – Attention Level 1 Athletes: We’ve added a new 6:00am Wednesday Level 1 Class for those of you early birds that like to crank it out morning-style. You can sign up for this class the same way you do other classes.

AG took on Airrosti’s Grip Strength Challenge – and won!
Thanks to all of our Partners in Health for coming out and supporting the ARC!

Level 1 -AM
Cindy S
Becky S
Caitlyn S
Mel S
Valyn S
Bubbles S
Eric S
Kevin S
Charlie S
Gadi S
Level 2-AM
Ty S
Mike S
Mad Dog S
Janice S
Beast S
Tow Matt S
Ballet S
Jewels S
Tristy S
Colleen S
MG Jenny S
Yoon Sin S
Macaroni S
Bryan S
Anthony S
Kirk S
Meredith S
Chapel S
Vanessa S
Level 2-PM
Boone S
Betsy S
Coy S
Lana S
Sanchez S
Clapper S
Crash S
Mikey S
Jewels S
Cynthia S
Dan S
Gilbert S
Aaron S
Jeanette S
Danny S
Stacey S
Leigh S
Darlene S
Young S
Schittone S
MegO S
Jenna S
Lance S
Ross S
Josie S
Cynthia S
Leah S
Margarita S
Anita S
Jennifer S
Flury S
Bryan S
Jonathan S
Gary S
Shane S
Jerry S
Shane S
Jerry S
Flury S
Jonathan S
Jennifer S
Gary S
Bones S