WOD 10/23

Performance – Week 8 of 8 Test Week!
Make up Day:
1 RM Power Snatch
Row, Wall Ball, Burpee WC Test

Active Recovery:
*50m Island to Island
High knee
Backward run
Arm circles
Carioca right
Carioca left
Skip lunges
Side shuffle right
Side shuffle left
*Hold for 10-15 seconds x 2
Static Wrestler Bridge
Seated oblique stretch (R-L)
Seated straddle (M-L-R)
Spinal roll (3 rolls then hold back position for 3 counts)
Pretzel (R-L)
Pigeon (R-L)
Heel sit
*Each exercise 10 reps
Head Circles
Trunk Circles
STD Trail Leg (R-L)
STD Trail leg back (R-L)
Iron Cross
Inverted scissors
Inverted bicycle
Inverted crossovers
Wide outs
3 Rounds
:30 Hanging Bar Stretch
:30 / leg Shin on the wall Stretch
10 DB OVHD Lunge Squat (Total)
10 DB Muscle Snatch


A. Snatch x3x5
B1. Back Squat x5x4
B2. Pull ups (Negatives) x3x4 30X0
*Scale Ring Rows
*Record Snatch

Side Plank x:45/R&Lx 2

“Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying: I will try again tomorrow.” – R. Price


CFA ladies are the definition of fun, strong, passionate, and inspiring!

Performance – AM
Jonathan (Monday) 135
Brian (Monday) 125
Jeff (Monday) 135
Josh (Tuesday) 27:35
Jim (Tuesday) 30:00
Ivan (Tuesday) 23:05
Ryan (Tuesday) 20:20
Mer (Tuesday) 24:40
Josh (Tuesday) 18:53
Tow Matt (Monday) 135
Guar (Monday) 135
Foundations – AM
Dawn 55
Emily 55
Melanie 75
Liz 55
Vy 55
Robert 185
Adrian 135
Logan 85
Chad 85
Mandy 85
Billy 175
Tom 245
Paul 115
Corn Dog 55
Jenna 85
Janica 55
 Performance – PM
 Erica (Tuesday) 21:00
 Brian (Tuesday) 20:50
 Pam (Monday) 75
 Eric (Monday) 135
 Matt (Tuesday) 20:31
 Nicole (Tuesday) 22:02
 Foundations – AM
 Rachael 55
 Greg 135
 Leslie 35