WOD 10/25

Level Two
A. Press x2x5 Rest 3:00 work to heavy but not Max 2
B1. Squat x10x3 @ 65-70% rest :90
B2. Weighted Strict Chin-up x4-6×3 Rest :90
C. DL x3x3 @ 80% Rest 2:00

Level One (Day 2)
Strict Chin-Ups

300m Run
10 Step-ups/leg
20 AbMat Sit-ups (hands above head)
200m Run 
10  Step-ups/leg
20 AbMat Sit-ups (hands above head)
100m Run
10 Step-ups/leg
20 AbMat Sit-ups (hands above head)
*Time recorded

All things squat!

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– Starting this week, Caitlyn wants to take your picture so we can see each of your smiling faces in our system. So, the next time you’re in the gym, stop by her desk and say “cheese” or bring her a picture!
– – – – Attention Level 1 Athletes: We’ve added a new 6:00am Wednesday Level 1 Class for those of you early birds that like to crank it out morning-style. You can sign up for this class the same way you do other classes.
– – – Team Traverse Parkour has started teaching 11:30am Saturday Parkour Classes at CFA! To learn more about classes and sign up, click here.

Congrats to our Level 1 Graduates now rocking it in Level 2!

Level 1- AM


Charlie 6:09
Oakley 8:01
Valyn 6:51
Mel 7:10
Ginger 6:45
Level 2 – AM
Rhea S
Tow Matt S
Cindy S
Kevin S
Can2 S
Elizabeth S
Erica S
Turk S
Ballet S
Kavi S
Paddy S
Liz S
Eric S
Peter S
Dayna S
Noon Level I
Meredith 9:14
Lamar 7:32
Anita 8:34
Shane 7:33
Maggie 7:36
Jerry 9:11
Martin 7:15
David S
PM Results
Clapper S
Cat TH
Kristin S
Macaroni Sat. 13:37
Dan S
G1 S
Jesse S
Lane S
Danny S
Dillard S
Big Shug S
Jerry Sat. 19:38
Ryan S
AG Mon 17:55 (95 lb)
Christy S
Gilbert Mon 13:08 Rx
Lance S
Kirk Thurs
Mad Dog S
Amy S
Jenna S