WOD 10/25

Level Two
A. Find a 1 RM Hang Clean
B. Hang Clean x3x9 @ 75% of 1 RM for the day Rest :45
C1. Alligator Chops 15/15/15/15 x 3
C2. Accumulate :20 Fingertip Hang x 3
C3. Walking Barbell Lunges x10/legx3 (Heavy)

Level One (TEST DAY)
A. Hip Power Snatch
B. Hip Power Clean
C. Back Squat 3 RM
D. :90 Front Plank Hold


“The last of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” – Victor E. Frankl

AM – Level 1
Garrett S
Phillip S
Amanda S
The King S
Erich S
AM – Level 2
Mikey S
Sparker S
Schmidty S
Alex S
Shug S
Leah S
Guthrie S
MegO S
Big Sppon S
Mitch S
Jessie S
Jeff S
Jamey S
Tow Matt S
Michael S
Walker S
Todd S
Ray S
AM – Ladies’
Jenny S
Emily S
Josie S
Crash S
Irl S
Mer S
12P – Level 1
Jonathan S
Liz S
Ken S
Anne S
Brooke S
Dixie S
Snick S
PM – Level 2
Helen S
Gil S
E-Rod S
Diana S
Dayna S
Marky Marc S
Nic S
Blake S
Danimal S
Schittone S
Evil S
Patti S
Liz G S
C2 S
Missy S
Alyson S
Elena S
PM – Level 1
Daby S
Tristan S
Vanessa S
Sarah S
Mark S
Big Easy S
Twin S
Fran S
Valerie S
Ruben S
Lisa S
Kara S