WOD 10/25

All Levels
Make up Day:
1 RM Power Snatch
Row, Wall Ball, Burpee WC Test
Back Squat

Active Recovery:
*800m Jog with one exercise done for 30m, every 100m.
High knee
Backward run
Arm circles
Carioca right
Carioca left
Skip lunges
Side shuffle right
Side shuffle left
*Hold for 10-15 seconds x 2
Static Wrestler Bridge
Seated oblique stretch (R-L)
Seated straddle (M-L-R)
Spinal roll (3 rolls then hold back position for 3 counts)
Pretzel (R-L)
Pigeon (R-L)
Heel sit
*Each exercise 10 reps
Head Circles
Trunk Circles
STD Trail Leg (R-L)
STD Trail leg back (R-L)
Iron Cross
Inverted scissors
Inverted bicycle
Inverted crossovers
Wide outs
3 Rounds
:30 Hanging Bar Stretch
:30 / leg Shin on the wall Stretch
10 DB OVHD Lunge Squat (Total)
10 DB Muscle Snatch


All Levels
 Sissy (Saturday) 11:39
 Courtney (Saturday) 11:11
 Ivan (Saturday) 10:54 Rx
 Humberto (Saturday) 10:42
 Son (Active Recovery)
 Tow Matt (Saturday)  11:25
 Velvet (Active Recovery)
 Mer (Active Recovery)
 Gwar (Saturday)  15:21 Rx
 Page (Thurs Strength)
 Tom (Thurs Strength)
 Gilbert (Active Recovery)
 Jose (Active Recovery)
 Josh (Saturday)  11:05
 Son (Saturday)  21:15 Rx
 Michele (Monday)  85lbs
 Julia (Saturday)  13:48
 Madison (Saturday)  14:33
 Missy (Saturday)  11:44
 Mer (Saturday)  11:44