WOD 10/28

Buy In/Cash Out
4 Forward Monster Walks
4 Lateral Monster Walks
*The length of the gym

Make up/Skill Day
Jump On It
Boobilicious Barbells
To Legit to Quit

Squat Program

When I give I give myself. -Walt Whitman

Going Grain Free

-It’s almost time for CFA’s Ladies’ Night again!  Nov. 1st at 7:30pm we will be meeting at Milano Cafe 4601 Southwest Parkway Austin, TX 78735
-CFA will be hosting the Big Dawg Challenge Nov. 13th!  Find out more information

THANKS so much to everyone who came out to participate in Grace on Tuesday! It was a fantastic event and everyone looked stunning in pink!

AM Results        
Taylor     43:49 (10 SU)  
PM Results        
  Monday Grace Make-up Wednesday Squat
Patrick   3:29 Rx    
Tristy   3:22 Rx    
David 5:35 (20″)      
“G”        Check
Colleen      32:58 (Jump, Knee)  
Betsy      32:57 Rx  
Rob   4:01 Rx    
Kavi   2:38 (65lbs)    
Jenn 5:27 (12K)      
LG 5:08 Rx      
Walker     32:08 Rx  
Skipper     33:29 Rx  
Melly     34:35 (Jump, 12 Sit-up)  
Ginger     33:21 (Knee, 5 Lunge/leg, Ring Row)  
Stephanie     31:45 (Jump, 15 Sit-ups)  
Liz     37:35 (Band)  
Alex     33:16 Rx