WOD 10/31

Level Two
Freaky Frightening Fran Day

Level One (Day 4)

Team WOD
3 Rounds
1:00 Max Meter Row
1:00 6 Stationary Lunges (total) / 5 Push-ups
1:00 Rest
*Partner A starts on Row & Partner B waits for 1:00. When Partner A moves on to lunges, Partner B starts row
*Combined Meters recorded

Be at peace with your own soul, then heaven and earth will be at peace with you. -St. Jerome

Mobility vs. Flexibility
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**Please email your best push-up man photo to tristy@crossfitaustin.com as soon as possible!!**
– Caitlyn wants to take your picture so we can see each of your smiling faces in our system. So, the next time you’re in the gym, stop by her desk or email her a picture!
– – Today is Halloween!!! You know we won’t pass up an opportunity to throw on a costume, so come get your freaky/fancy/scary/funny/awkward on with us while doing today’s WOD!
– – – Team Traverse Parkour has started teaching 11:30am Saturday Parkour Classes at CFA! To learn more about classes and sign up, click here.
Congrats to Coach Blake  and Carissa for taking home a gold medal a piece at the USAPL Lone Star Challenge! Extra congrats to Carissa for breaking the state record in the Squat and Bench Press!

Happy Halloween, Y’all!
Level 1 – AM
Valyn + Becky 1122 m
Colin + Charlie ??
Haley + Sarah 950 m
Canada + Buck 1443 m
Level 2 – AM
Janice 8:17 (45lb, J)
Chris 10:46 (75lb, J)
Mikey 9:26 Rx
Cindy 10:16 (25lb, J)
MGJ 6:28 (35lb, J)
Kavi 7:50 (75lb)
Jackie 5:45 (35lb, J)
Michele 8:37 (35lb, J)
Anthony 13:20 (80lb, J)
9AM 7:04 (85lb, J)
Ballet 5:52 (65lb)
Ray 5:20 Rx
Eric 6:41 (75lb, J)
Paddy 8:40 (J)
Level 2 – 12p
Thurst 9:35 (45lb)
Liz 7:51 (J)
Cat 6:42 (B)
Heather 7:42 (45lb, B)
Dayna 5:46 Rx
Level 2-pm
Betsy 4:51 Rx
Ryan 7:30 (85lbs)
Lance 8:47 Rx
David 8:11 Rx
Amy 6:57 (35lbs, J)
Jesse 8:53 (65lbs, BB)
Jon 4:54 Rx
Corey 7:06 (85lbs)
Randy 10:58 (75lbs)
Maggie 9:24 (25lbs, J)
Aaron 11:26 (75lbs RB)
Cynthia 5:44 (25lb, J)
Elena 3:49 (25lb, J)
Big Shug 7:33 (35lb, J)
Jerry 5:31 Rx
Can2 7:44 Rx
Danny DNF
Sanchez 12:35 Rx
Sleeves 5:57 Rx
Geno 9:08 Rx
Dain 7:05 Rx
Turk 5:22 Rx
Beast 11:50 (J)
Gilbert 3:51 Rx
Level 1-Pm
Jordan 1579
Ana, Pinkie, Lola 1915
Tiffany, Megan, Jennifer 1967
Jerry, Bones, Andy 2197
Jenna, KT, Brenda 1719
Shane & Martin 1513
Gary & Marco 1731