WOD 10/6

Level 2

A. Skill Progression: Handstand Push-Ups


B. 15  Rounds:
:20 Row for Cals
1:40 Rest
*1-3 Handstand Push-Ups (Scale up in ROM and weight if easy)
*Total cals & HSPU recorded

Level 1 (Day 6)

Front Squats
Dead Lifts

A. Lift off + DL x3+2×3
Rest :90
B. Front Squat x4x3 @ 32×3
Rest :45
C1. Unweighted Step-Ups x6/leg x2
Rest :45
C2. Chin-Ups x6-12×2
Rest :45

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Warrior Wednesday WOD in the New Expansion!

Level 1 -AM
Edward S
Kevin S
Christina S
Michael S
Monique S
Elizabeth S
Cindy S
Valyn S
Colin S
Brenda S
Level 2 AM
Janice 79cal, 45
Kristin 105cal, 33
JV 66cal, 45
Beast 78cal, 45
Ty 102cal, 30
Mikey 171cal, 30
Mike 140cal, 45
9am 119cal, 45
Tow Matt 137cal, 45
Ballet 138cal, 45
Peter 141cal, 45
Emily 86cal, 45
Bryan 107cal, 42
Cody 189cal, ?
Level 2 PM
G 72 cal, 45
Ryan 123 cal, 30
Sanchez 128 cal, 45
Danny 135 cal, 45 Rx
Jeff 123 cal, 45
Sherman 137 cal, 30 Rx
Betsy 86 cal, 45
Leigh S
Stacey S
Liz S
Geno 137 cal, 25 Rx
Lane 123 cal, 43 Rx
Dayna 91 cal, 38 Rx
Winner 76 cal, 45
Dan ? cal, 45
Kaz 137 cal, 10 Rx
Jerry 126cal, 15 Rx+
Carissa 78cal, 45 Rx
Elena 43cal, 17
Chrissy 86cal, 45
Amy 79cal, 23
Dain 130cal, 28 Rx
Ryan 108cal, 33 Rx
Jesse 116cal, 37
Schittone 98cal, 6 Rx
AG 122cal, 44
RJ 113cal, 42 Pike
Level One-PM
Jules S
Leah S
Vanessa S
Johnathan S
Maggie S
Shane S
Lance S
Jenna S
Mimi S