WOD 10/7

ALL Levels

Split Jerk
*Work to heavy, but technically sound double
*Weight Recorded


On the minute for 15 Minutes Alternating:
Muscle-up (M: 3, W:2)
Split Squat (5/leg)
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Discipline is remembering what you want. – David Campbell

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Liz Yankiver will be competing at the 2011 Copperhead Weightlifting Invitational tomorrow. Liz, we’re sending you lots of CFA love and support! Can’t wait to get updates from Darlene!
Vanessa Humphreys will be repping CFA tomorrow at the Miss Texas US Pageant! Good luck Vanessa – strength and beauty are a “knock-out” combination!
A week from tomorrow we will be celebrating the opening of our new space with a “Fall Fit Fest” on October 15. This event will also be a fundraiser for the American Red Cross of Central Texas and the recent victims of the Central Texas fire disaster. Sign yourself and your friends and family up here for the free workouts. More details can be found on facebook or on our website. *Those interested in attending Barbells for Boobs will be able to do both – we promise!

Odell, lifting a small car…

AM Results
Caitlyn 75lb
Michele 75lb
Valyn 55lb
Ballet 135lb
Teeny 85lb
Ginger 55lb
Elizabeth 80lb
Erica 98lb
TowMatt 155lb
Mego 83lb
Big Shug 88lb
Peter 115lb
Jewels 85lb
Walker 123lb
Ray 145lb
Patrick 95lb
Chris 30lb
Kaz 95lb
Rhea 55lb
Jenny 73lb
Tristy 115lb
Jables 105lb
Mikey 185lb
Jesse 135lb
Jess 95lb
Ryan 165lb
Randy 135lb
Danny 155lb
Meredith 15lb